Summer Blues Tutorial

  • Added Jun 30, 2011

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Apr 24, 2012

Christina H.

You are too cute, and I love your freckles. 

Apr 04, 2012

Marian H.

There's an electronic festival over here (puerto rico) which was held last month and the color that represent it are this colors. If I had found this sooner I would had done this for the MEF =)

Aug 02, 2011

Sicily J.

This is gorgeous and I love your brows.

I love how you use your fingers for so many things!! its so cool! lol if i did that i would totally like mess up. :)

Jul 20, 2011

Melissa B.

More tutorials please!!! <3 <3 them!!!

Jul 09, 2011

Erica H.

Love this! So pretty! You should definitely do more eye makeup tutorials.

Jul 04, 2011

Raelee X.

this is super pretty and looks amazing on you!

Jul 02, 2011

Nikki B.

Great Tutorial, you have such great vibrant and beautiful eye looks.