Basics: Eyebrows

  • Added Jun 30, 2011

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Jul 24, 2011

Melanie K.

I didn't pay much attention to my brows for a long time as they are fairly sparse naturally anyway, so I only just needed to keep them tidy and remove the strays underneath. However, when I first read a Rae Morris book and she explained brow shapes etc, I came to realise that fuller brows were far more attractive and softer on the face and so I had been over-plucking mine for as long as I remember, EEK!! So for the past 18 months I have been patiently trying to grow them out, which is happening super slow, lol. But since learning how to fill them in and define using makeup, I am impressed with how much of a difference it makes. For now I am still playing the waiting game, aware that they might not ever grow out as full as I would like, after succumbing to all that torture all those years, hehe, thank heavens for cosmetics ;) Your tutorial is excellent, you have the most perfect brows and you shared some great tips. Great one darl xxx