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Still Searching

I received two samples of this and had enough product to last me a little over a week. I did try it out and it felt nice and smooth at first, but it didn't hold up for me. I believe it would work well on other skin types, but it didn't work out well for my very oily skin. It didn't add any longevity to my foundation, so I passed on the full size version.

My Favorite for Glitter

Seriously, using Duo adhesive for glitter on my eyelids never satisfied me. It felt too intense and too stiff, even when I used the smallest amount. This was the only product I found that was specifically made for glitter adhesion at the time, and I went for it. It works really well when patted on with a warm index finger and glitters and pigments adhere perfectly when patted over it. I have slightly sensitive eyes, and this doesn't have a hard or sticky "glue" feel to it at all. It actually feels like a cream or gel and is really gentle on the eyelids.


I love how smooth these leave my lips looking (maybe its the plumping aspect of them). They're so creamy and they really compliment my skin tone. I first received one as a sample, and I'm really glad I chose it over the other samples. The packaging is adorable as well!

Get the primary colors and black and white for endless possibilities

I prefer these over lip tars because they are currently the same price, but I can back2mac these. They have to be mixed with a smoother base for more comfort, but they are so versatile. At a mac pro class we used these to see who could mix up a color closest to the instructor's lipstick color. Seriously, you can make ANY color out of red, blue, yellow, black and white. And you can mix them with lipsticks or glosses you already own.

I own about 20 of MAC's lipsticks, and I love them all.

Some may be a bit drying, emphasize chapped lips, or not come in a finish I would prefer, but they really are great lipsticks. The scent is awesome too (MAC's lipsticks smell better than any other lipstick in the world), and it never changes. My favorite nude lipstick for my NC40 skin tone is Modesty. And Saint Germain gives my lips the best pop.

Love, love, love!

It can be used to mix with pigments or other dry products, and it bring softness back into the skin when you may have taken it overboard with products. Also, it feels amazing!

Awesome and long lasting, but some shades are really drying.

I own this in Dress It Up, Soft Sell, Good to Go, and Prolong. I would give every single shade a 5, except for Prolong because it is SOOO drying, even with a primer and lip balm underneath. It actually shrivels up my lips, making them look smaller. I have to carry chapstick around with me to bring life back into my lips. With that being said, I may have to carry around a chapstick, but I do not have to carry the lipstick with me because the pigment is still there.


Great colors available, but they're oh so sheer. Also, I rather dislike the founder of this product for having threatened people who have made negative reviews about it. Even if they made the formula different and achieved the opaque look I prefer, I still will never purchase this product out of principle.

awesome product, awesome price

They are so very pigmented! Although I will admit, the matte aren't my favorite. Either way, you can't go wrong with this. Ulta usually sells them at buy one get one half off, or buy two get one free :)

Every day

Love this. I wear it every day. Even under lipsticks, lip primers, etc. My lips love me for it :) Also it's very long lasting. Beautylish making me type in at least 30 words; This should cover it.

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