Beauty Product Reviews

Very, very sparkly!

One of the sparkliest products I've ever used. I like to wear it lightly dusted over other eyeshadows or layered for a disco ball effect on my eyelids. A little goes a very long way and the slightest amount will make a huge difference. It reminds me of Make Up For Ever's Diamond Powder in a way. They're quite different in form and color, but have similar effects and usage.

Highly pigmented, unique lip colors

I've tried Artificial Amethyst, Bad Penny, Black, Black Lagoon, Chaiborg, Difficult Island, Indigo Bridge, Irony, Lux et Voluptas, Metallurgy, and Perfect Foil. They have amazing pigmentation and I love the wide range of unique colors.

The majority of the lipsticks I've tried are opaque, some have a metallic or shimmer finish and some have more of a creme finish but feel the same to me when worn. The sheer shades, such as Lux et Voluptas and Perfect Foil, aren't as creamy as the others. I've tried building those ones up to be opaque and they look better worn sheer or over another lip product.

The black lipstick is the best black lipstick I've used. It won't wear down into a murky dark color, it's a true black and it's very solid and dark. I'd recommend this to anyone wanting a straight out of the tube black or as the first lipstick to try from PBLC.

It's kind of easy to put on too much product, but there shouldn't be any bleeding or messiness with the right amount. I've worn them for several hours on their own without lip liner or balm/chapstick. They aren't too drying or too moisturizing. I'd say in between. Ideal for a nice quality lipstick, even better for ones that are priced for only $9 each.

There are only two issues I've had with them. The first is with Difficult Island. The consistency isn't as even as the others and it doesn't wear for more than a few minutes on me without looking patchy. It's still a cool color and would work well for short time wear like in editorials. The other is with the packaging. It's beautifully designed but can get dirty because of the paper-like texture on the label. I like the chapstick style tube but others may find it difficult to apply.

Blackest Black

The best black matte eyeshadow I've used. I've tried many different ones but nothing compares to Bulletproof. It's extremely pigmented and as black and matte as you can get. It's also a very neutral black so it doesn't wear down into a darker color. It blends beautifully in eyeshadow looks and is perfect for using as an eyeliner as well.

Holy Grail Mascara

I took a risk and bought this a year or two ago, I'm not exactly sure when because it's hard to remember being without it! The price is a little steep for a mascara which is why I was iffy. After using it, it was well worth it and has become one of my makeup staples.

The brush helps apply the product with ease and keeps eyelashes from clunking together while still making lashes look more voluminous. My eyelashes are already fairly long so I tend to use less product but it can be layered to achieve really long lashes. Sometimes I have a little mascara right under my eyebrows by the end of the day because it makes them so long. It's not waterproof, which I consider a plus. It stays on all day with no flaking unless it's at the very end of its time, I'd say past four or five months it starts drying up but I usually use it by then.

Highly recommended to those looking for a mascara that lengthens, adds volume, and has a more natural but enhanced look.