Contact Lenses vs. Glasses

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Jan 10, 2013

Melina H.

Also try talking to your eye doctor about it

Jan 10, 2013

Paola M.

Noooo its worth it n super easy!! I'm thirteen and I've been wearing contacts since grade 5 u just have to get good at putting them on and taking them out n keeping them clean and stuff. I think they work a lot better than glasses because u don't have to worry about ur glasses slipping off or fogging or anything just put them on before ur makeup and always wash ur hands before u touch them 

Jan 10, 2013

Grace K.

I was thinking about switching but after talking to my optometrist, I realized its not worth it, I wear glasses and it looks ok but ultimately talk to your optometrist 

Jan 10, 2013

Morgan L.

Contacts . You can do so much more its amazing 

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