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Dec 30, 2012

Shaunesy D.

If u have acne or even just oily skin I decently recommend greased lightning everyone I know who has it LOVES IT...aswell do I 

Dec 30, 2012

Alexis W.

I work for lush right now and I absolutely love it so ill tell you my favorites in the store.
I love angels on bare skin it's great for my combo skin and I like let the good times roll which unfortunately was only around for Xmas but it smells amazing because of the toffee and I literally wana eat my face every time I use it. So glad I stocked up on it. Not good for me to use everyday tho because when I did my chin and around my mouth became dry so I just paired it with my angels on bare skin.
As an exfoliator I use ocean salt everywhere! It is AMAZING! The smell is refreshing and the feeling wonderful! It has vodka and lime to brighten, avocado butter to moisturize, and fine sea salt to exfoliate those dead skin cells away.

You asked about bath bombs as well my personal faves are: butterball(cocoa butter and vanilla smell)super moisturizing
Sakura(cherry blossom smell)soft sweetness very relaxing
I love to pair these up with the bubble bars because I just love bubbles in my bath my favorite right now is the magic wand it's a sweet smell and makes mounds and mounds of bubbles plus you get so many uses out of it it's amazing!
As someone else said the lip scrubs are really good they are a full sugar scrub so there totally edible u just scrub ur lips and lick them off. I love the bubblegum one it's super sweet and tastes just like its name. Hope this helps and I definitely recommend going in to the store some day because there's a lot of products and you can't smell things when u order online :( (which is my favorite thing to do while at work) and the employees are always happy to help and spend time with you to show you everything you want to see and how to use it :) 

Dec 30, 2012

Kirsty M.

Celestial is my fave. I have sensitive skin and this works a treat!

Dec 30, 2012

Abba L.

Popcorn lip scrub! Or ponche shower gel. Both Awesome. Ponche is orange and tequila scented (my fav) and other is self explanatory.  Enjoy:)

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