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Self Tanners for beginners

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thinking of doing the self tanner things but have no idea where to start. What brand/kind do u recommend? Preferably something not to expensive.

Aug 30, 2011

Amanda L.

I would recommend using a gradual self tanner, like Jergens Natural Glow lotion. You apply it all over your body once a day and you should begin to see results after three days. You can find it at any drugstore and I believe it's less then $10. I've used it and like it, gives you a little bit of color, not too much. Perfect for beginners, you shouldn't have to worry about streaks as long as you apply it evenly!

Neutrogena MicroMist Airbrush Sunless Tan. It is very easy to use and leaves a nice finish.

Aug 31, 2011

Krista B.

the only thing i found wrong with the self tanners like jergens is that if i wore light colored clothing i got a weird yellowish stain on some of my clothing and bras... :S

Aug 31, 2011

Amanda L.

hmm I suppose I usually don't wear light clothing which is probably why I never noticed it myself, I wouldn't be surprised if that was true though.

Well, I reviewed this other self tanner on my blog: My local beauty supply stores sells it but I don't think it that common to find.

Iv tried it years ago and couldn't stand the smell. I just tried there natural gloss express and I'm all streaky! Lol any tips on how to fix it? 

Aug 31, 2011

Amanda L.

uh oh! try wiping lemon juice OR damp baking soda with a cotton balls all over to lighten it.

I will try that as soon as I get home lol! 

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