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40 Days and Nights without Makeup

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Feb 23, 2012

Stephanie P.

So I decided for Lent this year I'd give up Beauty; no makeup, no nailpolish. And what better way to share my progress (or lack thereof) by posting on the website that IS beauty? I guess I should start by explaining how I came to making such a stance:

A Challenge:
The point of Lent is to give up a luxury you'd normally find hard to be without. Giving up desserts didn't seem so hard anymore (as I've done it twice before) and I don't drink that much nor smoke so if those were to be eradicated for a little over a month I wouldn't miss it. But I LOVE makeup! I'm not as talented as some of you ladies on Beautylish but as a self-confessed Bargain Beauty with way too many eyeshadows and lipsticks to count, I enjoy enhancing what I already have to feel Exquisitely Beautiful...and there I found my challenge.

When I said no makeup, I. mean. No. Makeup. Nada. No lipstains, tinted balms, highlighters, bronzers, absolutely no makeup. The ONLY exception is if the product is clear and the occasion calls for it. That being said I have removed all temptation by gathering my favourite colours, lotions and potions, dumping them in a box and banishing it to the cupboard underneath my sink until April 8th...when I'm allowed to use makeup again.

I know someone reading this might begin to hyperventilate but why not? Why not see how you'd hold up when you have to go to that job interview (or worse...the first date) without your favourite concealer, forcing you to get the necessary sleep to avoid them? Why not dare to venture outside your house without your favourite lipstick, just so you can have a sandwich and not touch up afterwards? This exercise isn't about boycotting beauty! as long as your self-esteem is healthy there's no reason why we can't use makeup as a means of individual self expression. But what if your individual self expression was nothing more than what you were born with?

So here I am, face clean, nails empty and counting down the days (and times I have to leave my house) till I can don my colours once again. I would love to hear from you all on what you think. And since misery does love a little company, you are more than welcome to join the challenge! <3

I don't do it for Lent but I tend to go bare face on a daily basis as it is with the exception of moisturizer, I can't live without moisturizer in the winter. In fact, I'm sitting right here as I'm typing this bare faced. 

Feb 24, 2012

Shelley W.

I go bareface often, epecially when I go to the gym. Other times I'll go just because maybe my brushes are still drying from the night before or quite simply....I just want to be completely lazy and only go with my skincare products. Sometimes a break is good. Kudos Stephanie P. for going naked till April are you feeling about thus far?

Feb 24, 2012

Amelia R.

I go to an all-girls school, so I'm very comfortable with my bare face. I very frequently go out without makeup simply because I forget. I think it's great that you're so comfortable with your natural beauty.

And as a fellow Christian, I appreciate your challenge especially because I've given up buying any makeup through Lent. I'm here for you, stay strong.

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