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Discoloration in Shaved Facial Areas...What Can I Do?

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Feb 10, 2012

Nadeem A.

I'm only 18 and ive been shaving my facial areas for nearly a year. I always do a clean shave like every 2-3 days only in my mustache and side burn area....and ive been noticing discoloration in those particular areas (duller and darker). What can i do to remove this discoloration and get an even, fair facial skin tone.
Is there anything in particular i might be doing that is causing this discoloration? What can i do differently through shaving to reduce this?
As there anything i can do to slow down the growth on facial hair?
thanks in advance for any input. =)  

Apr 12, 2012

Olivia G.

I have heard lemon juice helps, if you have sensitive skin you can dillute it with a little water, and if you want it to be less noticeable try adding more attention to your t-zone. The t-zone is the first thing people lookmat, maybe a highlighter? As for slowing hair down, unfortunately this doesn'treally exist :( waxing lasts alot longer and is definetly worth it hope this helps :)

Apr 12, 2012

Heather H.

I would suggest getting getting waxed or threaded, because not only does it last longer (like Richelle said), but it may help to remove the darkness, which may be due to the thicker part of the hairs underneath the surface of your skin.

Apr 13, 2012

Meg M.

I suggest using an electric razor. My sister has been shaving her upper lip with a bikini trimmer for years and she has no marks. It is much more gentle to the skin. In the meantime I would use lemon juice to lighten the darkened areas.  

Apr 13, 2012


Even tone is part of taking care of your skin. Cleaning, tone, moisturize, and sun protection. Astringent and tinted moisturizer might help. be realistic yet open about results. The best things doesn't happen over night :) 

Shaving does sometimes cause darker skin. It happens if you over shave or are too aggressive. This causes an allergic like reaction that makes your skin produce melanin (basically dark pigments). Make sure you use shaving foam to reduce damage. Other than that, regular gentle exfoliation on the dark areas and lightening serums will help reduce the darkness. Hope this helps, Nadeem!

May 24, 2012

Cristina H.

lol sorry I laughed but I have the same problem on my lip, call it my 5 o clock shadow (i think thats what guys call it) lol Anyway, I think your very brave to shave your face. I am a hairy woman and couldnt dare shave my fave so I would always let my hair done to cover my cheeks. I recenly began threading my sideburns, eyebrows, and upper lip. I love how my brows look , Idk if anyone can tell I threaded my side burns, and it kinda har to remove all the small hairs on my upper lip..... I'll let you know if I notice it fading :) stop shaving though it only makes the tip of the hair grow thicker

May 29, 2013

Barbara M.

Combine 1 tsp. each of powdered milk, honey and lemon juice with ½ tsp. almond oil to create another mask which you can use to lighten dark skin. Apply this mask all over your skin and let it sit on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing it. You can use daily or alternately with other skin lightening masks until you reached your desired skin tone. Lemon juice is known to have natural bleaching properties but the American Chronicles warns the use of lemon juice as it can make the skin photosensitive.

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