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Websites and branding?

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Aug 20, 2012

James C.

Plan a comprehensive marketing strategy based around where you want to go as a make up artist. Focus on getting a good website and building a social network, use sites like facebook pages, model mayhem etc. If you have a personal account then keep work separate, that way if you do post something personal it won't be seen by clients or potential clients.

Keeping yourself in the light will help, a good website, templates like work well and are inexpensive without losing professionalism or an edge to your work. Be selective on what unpaid work you accept. If your working free and others are being paid its an expensive hobby. Choose your test shoots carefully to suit the market your aiming for.

Above all show people you are professional by acting it; when it comes to things like youtube you can showcase yourself using behind the scenes footage etc. Photos, avoid self shot images unless your really good with a camera. It looks bad.  

Sep 04, 2012

Nadia Y.

All great suggestions! I'm a eCommerce, Online Marketing and Brand Strategist.
I've worked for companies like Starbucks Corporate and consult for other brands all the time.
I think James has the best suggestions so far- you MUST have a marketing strategy!

Hiring a graphic designer or creating social media pages will not cut it.

You can have the fanciest website ever but without SEO/SEM/CRM, display marketing, and outreach, all you will have is a nice website. Think about the functionality of your website; you want to create content, engage and eventually book you, right? You may even want to set up an appointment calendar or even a payment gateway for deposits, etc.

You need to show up in search results if someone googled Makeup Artist in xyz (location) or Bridal makeup artist etc.

There are many people with brand & online marketing experience that freelance for projects like this!
You do not need to break the bank by spending several hundred dollars on a functional website to promote your business.

Just remember: A beautiful website is nothing if it cannot be found! 

Feb 11, 2012

Jemi E.

Do you have a website? If so, what have you done for branding? Any tips on how to run a business as a MUA?

Feb 20, 2012

Kimberly C.

Great topic! I hope someone responds as I am a new Freelance Artist myself. I did just order a book today on the business side of MUA, I will post once it's in if it's good or not.

Feb 21, 2012

Rachel G.

Hire a graphic designer! I just so happen to be one! ;)

Feb 21, 2012

Jemi E.

I guess I'll write what I have done so far... I started my career doing anything I can get my hands on from music videos, events, magazines, the WORKS! I always had a camera handy to showcase my work. Slideshows on my website create a great impact on my website as well!

You should go to model Mayhem its a really good place to get more experience 

The first rule is to always be professional. If you don't take yourself seriously, no one else will. Make business cards and stay on top of posts and social media. Lastly Network yourself on modelmayhem etc. Good luck!

I have a website, facebook, twitter and model mayhem. Basically share your work socially! It's now a little quicker than word of mouth. As Cortney said be professional. It goes a long way and people will remember you for it. 

I totally agree with Rachel, hire a designer. When it's finished, pay for advertising. These days you have to pay to be seen. I've found that doing free work around town to "get my name out" only leads to more non-paying jobs. Pay for advertising!

Sep 03, 2012

Ashley C.

Hello, Ladies. My name is Ashley. Unlike most of you, I do not blog very often. I've also, never filmed a YouTube video!! Believe me, I would love to, but my schedule is too hectic!!! I barely have time to Social Networking is a job, in and of itself! ... I'm looking into a new business venture, that would supply Professional Websites and Portfolios for Beauty Professionals. The cost would be 1/3 of what traditional website design companies would charge and you would have the option to manage the site yourself! Unlike social networking sites, when a potential client visits "YOUR" site, YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON THEY SEE!! I have multiple ideas to incorporate and the site would be super easy to manage. I'm also considering including, coordinating business cards, leather bound portfolios and other marketing materials. This opportunity would give you all of the necessary materials, to start and run your "Own Business"! No exact cost yet, but I know it will be less than $500.00. and a payment plan will be available. Starting a new career is no easy task and were not rich yet!! ...Is this an idea that appeals to anyone? Any questions or comments? Do you see potential success?

Sep 03, 2012

Arianna S.

I NEE A GTAPHOC DESIGNER :) http://www.ariannascott-makeupartis... 

Sep 03, 2012

Arianna S.


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