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Mar 03, 2013

Alex G.

Here's my newest video!
I would love if you subscribed, since I'm fairly new, and I don't even have 100 subs!
It would mean the world to me if you checked out my newest video and my other videos, and possibly even subscribed to me! Thanks, and I will subscribe back to you if you talk to me a little, since I want to have more friends on youtube! <33

Jeffree Star/Spring Inspired:

A simple eye look and dark lips.

Mar 05, 2013

Mary I.

I just uploaded my February favorites and a giveaway today! I'd love it if you guys dropped by!


Tweed Nails! Very easy to do:)
Check out my tutorial if you're interested to see how did this design:

Mar 07, 2013

Alex G.

Hey girls! I have a beauty channel on youtube, and I currently have 80 subs! I would love if you could subscribe and check out my videos! I want to get to 100, and then 200, and in the end, 1,000! I would love for you to support me, thanks! Check out the links below:


Mar 07, 2013

Lorena C.

Hey everyone! So I just posted my february favorites, a little late because my internet kept crashing this past week, but I hope you'll check it out!

St. Patrick's Day Makeup Tutorial :)

My first make up tutorial ever! I hope you like it:)
Link to the video:

Makeup tutorial using the Sugarpill Heartbreaker eyeshadow palette.

Hi everyone, this is my newest nail art tutorial! It's very easy and fun do to:D

Mar 21, 2013

Cinthia V.

Spring into color - fun colorful makeup tutorial!

Cute EASTER nails:D Very easy to do!
Link to the tutorial:


Jul 08, 2013

Meaghan S.

Michael Todd Dry Skin set Review:

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