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Michelle Phan or Kandee Johnson?

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who do u like?

Feb 17, 2011

Naomi G.

No thought to this. KANDEE JOHNSON! lol

Kandee Johnson!!

lol i love her too <3


Since the iqqu scandal came out (she claimed the acne serum and the sunscreen were US FDA approved but are not and the acne serum actually is listed by the US FDA as not safe and not effective) I no longer trust Michelle.

I even unsubscribed to her Facebook account because she wrote one day that the products were FDA approved then it came out they weren't so three days after she last wrote the products were US FDA approved she turned around and wrote that the products were FDA Asia approved (no such entity) and complied with US regulations AND that she sold iqqu... all within a day or two of people providing links to the US government sites where iqqu is listed as either not safe or never tested. This put everything she promotes into question for me. Now I know why the FTC put into place the blogging policies.

Kandee I can't trust since the MUFE scandal which lead me to find out about the whole Glaminar certification being fake (glad I didn't go when she was in Seattle). That led me to find out she hasn't had a cosmetology license in two or three years despite going around the country "teaching" people.

So needless to say I do not trust what either women have to say or write. Sorry.

This reminds me... Christina or someone else from Beautylish should pull the iqqu listing down since the Acne Serum is listed by the FDA as not safe or effective OR put a link to the site that has it listed as such for people to be informed.

I don't think this is a very nice question!

The iqqu stuff is all over Michelle's wall, unless she finally got around to deleting it. I actually was STUNNED when it hit her wall and even said that I was confused about the whole deal since she had just posted a day or two before how iqqu was US FDA approved. Let me go dig it up... Okay, found it. This is what I asked her on Facebook:


@Michelle Phan - I'm a fan but color me confused! I've tried to stay out of the drama since it seemed petty but you're now saying something that contradicts what you recently posted about iqqu. Why?

From what I read you own iqqu, you didn't... just work for the company as an employee. If you don't own iqqu now then who does? Like I said, I'm confused by what you're now stating. Are you compensated for promoting it?

You've also been promoting iqqu as US FDA approved but once someone looked it up and found it wasn't you're now saying you're not the owner? Then why continue to promote a company and product you don't own?

I read the tumblr since people have been harping about it for a couple of days and the links in are legit sites. I read that one of the products was found to be not effective or safe. Is that true?

Like I said, color me confused because either you still own iqqu and don't want people to think you're a liar or you don't own iqqu but are paid to promote it or... I don't know what to think anymore.

What's the truth!?!
February 1 at 4:20pm


Her reply to me:

Last time I checked, iQQU is FDA approved in Asia and it complies with the regulations here in the states, or else it cannot be sold here. I promote lots of companies I don't own. Coastal Scents, Honey Color, WR lens, Maybelline, practically majority of the makeup brands I use besides Lancome. They don't pay me to use their products. I love iQQU to death because I worked with it from the ground up, but just because I no longer work or own iQQU doesn't mean I don't use or believe in their products.
February 1 at 4:28pm


‎but that's not what you posted recently. You said a few days ago it was US FDA approved. Now you're saying it's FDA approved in Asia? You also posted that if it weren't US FDA approved you couldn't sell it in the US. Now from w...hat I read over on that gov site... the acne serum wasn't approved by the FDA and was found to be not safe and effective while the other stuff were never tested. So again, color me confused, but how can you state it complies with regulations especially since you were using the word approved.

I love your tutorials Michelle. My girls love the tutorials as well but what you're now posting is completely different than what you wrote a few days ago or even a few months ago.
February 1 at 4:34pm · 3 people


Last questions from me... When did you sell your share? Is the Acne Serum safe, yes or no?
February 1 at 4:42pm


‎It's approved in FDA Asia and USA. The brand complies in both countries, and they exist on the database. If the acne serum was not approved and was deemed "unsafe", it would not be able to make it past customs. If you are still confused, please contact iQQU directly. I don't have all the answers because I no longer work there. iQQU is a great brand and customer service I'm sure will answer all your questions. Thanks for enjoying my tutorials, it means a lot to me. I try my best to cater to everyone.
February 1 at 4:45pm

It's totally safe. I can get the dermatologist's contact information if you would like to speak to her. Dr. Anne. As for the other questions, I'm obligated to not speak about that. I'm sorry. I know for sure iQQU is under great care under new management. I'm excited to see where it's going to go.
February 1 at 4:49pm

Thanks for your time and answers, Michelle. :D
February 1 at 4:51pm

I apologize for any confusion. I realized I haven't made an official announcement about iQQU's new management and how I'm no longer co-owner for the brand. So I can totally understand why people are confused. I still support the products like all other wonderful brands!
February 1 at 4:55pm!/permalin...

Oh and here's the link to that site (U.S. National Library of Medicine) about the iqqu acne serum:

Like I mentioned above, since that incident with iqqu I unsubscribed from her Facebook page. I still like some of her older tutorials (like the Tim Burton one) but honestly I don't trust anything she says in her videos or posts about. That's a big thing for me. 

Feb 17, 2011

Shelly T.

I have to agree with Yasmin, I'm afraid, and say "neither"!

I've seen only one of Michelle's videos, and honestly, I was not impressed with what I saw. I've stayed away, pretty much, ever since.

Kandee, on the other hand, I used to like. I even subscribed to her channel briefly. But sometime afterwards I've read things that have made me question, and since then I've unsubscribed. I'll give a few other examples...

1) Amazing Cosmetics concealer. At one point, she didn't recommend it at all; then, all of a sudden, she started raving about it. (This is something mentioned on Guru Gossip.)

2) Something she said at one of her "Glaminars" about the eyeshadow palettes sold by Coastal Scents/BH/eBay/anywhere else I can think of. According to someone who was at one of her "Glaminars" who posted here, she deemed them unsafe because of some ingredient in the shadows (I think it was lead? I can't remember.). I went on to the CS website, went through the ingredient list, and researched. I saw NO harmful ingredients listed at all.

3) She claims she's a celebrity makeup artist who's worked in film and TV with loads of different celebrities. Yet, if you look up Kandee on IMDb, there's only ONE project to her credit, a short film made in Nevada, near to where she currently lives. Also, if she is a celebrity makeup artist, why isn't she in demand, like most of them are? Something is not right here, IMO.

Short version: There are much better makeup gurus out there. Ones who are honest, knowledgeable, forthright, and who know what they're talking about.

<<I don't think this is a very nice question!>>

Unfortunately, Louise, the truth isn't very nice sometimes. :(

Feb 19, 2011

Amy N.

I just finished an hour of watching Michelle's videos. I hadn't heard about all the iQQU stuff which is so sad. Her videos are done really well and professional. Now I can't trust the quality of any products she talks about.


@Shelly T

I meant the fact she asked to pick who you liked better - the choosing between two human beings bothers me :(

Edit: Although I suppose one could argue it's no different in choosing between a band or actor. But its just the way she asked it I suppose..

Feb 21, 2011

Shelly T.

Okay. :) Still.

I would say kandee all though i have had many many doubts about her, but her skills and knowledge is still worthy of some credit. REGARDLESS of what you think she has done watch her new video.. she is clearly honest about it all and TELLS you what she did wrong and how she corrected it all. its truley inspiring and it puts all these rumors to rest.. and i remember believing a few of the rumors but she isnt a bad person shes human.

with that said...

ive never been a phan "fan" there are better youtube beauty gurus, although she has came out with some cool videos like the DIY pore strips but makeup wise she is ok for teens and thats it. shes a beginner compared to almost all other paid gurus but her quality and editing keep her veiwers, ive never been subsribed to her.

I think that both ladies have different styles yet I love both of them! Michelle was the very first guru that I subscribed to when she had barely any subscribers and I love her ever since. 

*wow* this is a whooooole lot of gossip and drama!! a lot of gurus get free stuff so that they use them and talk about them in their videos. its massive advertising for the product and the guru gets free stuff - win win situation...also, there are plenty of things sold in the US that arent FDA approved...for example - that diet medicine called Lipozene. as far as iQQu being deemed "unsafe" for the skin...have you ever seen a medication commercial that IS approved by the FDA....Hell, the side effects are worse than what they are trying to treat...

I'm appauled that these people are being picked apart over their opinions. Because thats all these videos are, their opinions. I have certain brands that I love, and if i made videos, I would use and recommend them. Other people might think what I use, whos right?

I think its VERY unfair to pick on Michelle Phan about the iQQu stuff. And for people to say they don't trust her recommendations on other products? Most of what she uses is tried and true and I'm sure you have some of the things in your makeup bag right now.

As far as Candee, you DO NOT have to have a Cosmetology license to do makeup. If she was trying to do "facials" or esthetician work, then YES, she would need a license. And again, if Candee is being picked apart for her "opinions" then that is unfair. Relying on a rumor that your brothers, cousins, sisters, aunt twice removed said about someone is just sad. If you didn't hear her say it out of her mouth, then how true is it? I doubt that Candee told a room full of people that the 120 palettes contain lead. Just for arguments sake - What if she said to beware of the 120 palettes that come from other countries that use lead in their products??? So, right there her comment could have been twisted to say that the 120's contain lead by the time its been passed down from person to person...

It just makes me sad that there is a website out there called "Guru Gossip" because these people in these videos are NORMAL people, who take time out to make these videos to help other people learn a craft. Whether its makeup, scrapbooking, painting, etc. ITS ART - and people have difference of opinions, ways, ideas, on how to do it. 

Mar 11, 2011

Christina T.

Hi Beauties! We encourage constructive chatter here in Talk but I do want to say that starting a post like this strays away from that. It sounds like this post is asking which person you like more on a personal level, and not on their makeup & beauty skills.

I believe I understand that this topic was just to ask which guru you like more, but as you can tell, it goes into gossiping about the gurus on things they heard or read from. Honestly ladies, this isn't the place for chatter like that. You all have every single right to talk about your personal opinions but remember to be constructive about your thoughts. I sense tensions in these sort of topics and I just want to give my personal feedback on it.

Be yourselves and speak your heart & mind & soul but please remember, gossiping and bashing is not what we want to do here. Also, we all know "that" gossip site and it's awful. Let's not spread it around since it truly does not deserve any limelight. Thanks for listening ladies! xoxo

Mar 11, 2011

Amanda K.

neither. not for any gossip reasons or anything like that.. just not a fan of either and i think there are more skilled people on youtube [talking strictly of skills here as was pointed already].. although i have learned a thing or two from each.. circle lenses [though i would never ever use them because contacts freak me out] from phan and how to make people make dirty and sweaty from k.john lol

Feb 26, 2012

Apple K.

Neither...there is a lot of talent out there...keep searching.

Feb 26, 2012

Adriana M.

Kandee!! Hands down. She's just so bubbly & makes your day much brighter :3 Michelle is still super sweet, too.

Feb 26, 2012

Mariah B.

I used to love love love Kandee but lately I haven't been compelled to watch her videos. It makes me sad but I feel like every new make up look she does is pretty similar to previous ones she's posted, they just don't keep me interested. But I still love her personality and she's very bubbly and positive!
Michelle, on the other hand, I've never had an interest in. I know she's really popular but I don't even subscribe to her. Sometimes when I'm really bored I'll look up her channel and browse through her videos, but she's never posted anything riveting enough for me to subscribe. Its odd to me, really. Haha.

Neither. Michelle is boring as boring can get and I stopped having any interest in Kandee.

Sep 16, 2012

Josephine M.


Feb 14, 2013

Amy S.

There both great! My fav is Kandee despite what most of you girls are saying about her. Doesn't really matter.

Feb 15, 2013

Eimear M.

Personally, I dont know about the iqqu incident but I love michelles videos and makeup tutorials, not too pushed on kandee.

Jul 24, 2013

Lauren K.

Michelle Phan!

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