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For $100 what would u buy at mac?

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My husband is going to buy me mac makeup for christmas :) and our presents to each other are each going to cost $100 or a little over. I pretty much know what I want but want to know what u would buy :)

Nov 26, 2010

Shelly T.

* One custom eyeshadow quad ($49)
* MAC 239 ($24.50)
* MAC 263 ($20)
* Mineralize Skinfinish in "Soft and Gentle" ($28)

Yeah, I went over the $100. A bit.

oooh great question! i was going to ask one similar.. itll be my first ever MAC purchase and im superrr excited, and i dont know where to start.

oh and sorry for kinda stealing your spotlight.. lol was going to post a new thread but this one was already up :D

Nov 27, 2010

Shelly T.

How are MAC brushes pointless?

Nov 28, 2010

Aubrey Jay Z.

Definitely go for their foundation! It's magical! Also, I hear great things of their concealer, too! :D

I'd invest in some of the brushes - like if you think you need any new ones.

It isn't the most excited of things but their brushes are literally fantastic. Although if you'd prefer make-up it depends on what you wear.

I can't wear the foundation, concealer or powder because it breaks me out badly and doesn't work for my skin so I only really use the eye shadows and eye colours. I love them loads :)

MAC are really great quality so whatever you get, it'll sure be lovely :)

I am a MAC lipstick Fanatic so I would stock up on some I have my eye on, also I want to try the purple gel liner, and a few new paintpots! I think I need a $1000 spending limit to get everything I want because my list could go on and on! haha

Dec 06, 2010

Tanecka L.

Dazzleglass! You will never go wrong or find dupes for these glosses (I like Baby Sparks)! Also, Fluidline in Blacktrack is an awesome gel liner & Spiked eyebrow pencil! 

Great suggestions girls :) So far I own 6 eyeshadows (Amber lights, woodwinked, satin taupe, shroom, soft brown, and sumptious olive)...MAC eye brushes 217 and 219...MAC blushes (peachy keen and plum foolery)...and a 15x palette.

My christmas present list so far is 2 lipsticks (Angel & lickable)...2 eyeshadows (all that glitters and bronze)...a brow pencil (stud)... and a MSF (soft & gentle). :) It might change around though!

Dec 07, 2010

Jessica D.

Eyeshadows, lipsticks, and brushes, in my opinion. I'd go with Woodwinked or Satin Taupe, Ricepaper, and Charcoal Brown. Lipsticks: Viva Glam V. Brushes: 217 or 224 & 239.

Dec 07, 2010

Tara S.

@ Sarah H The brushes that Jessica mentioned 217, 224, & 239 are the best brushes!! I'd also get the 222 brush for a more defined crease. And their best product for me is the fluidline gel! Auh-mazing! So creamy and NOT dry ;)!
Now for my $100 purchase! HA!! It's so easy to spend $100! I'd buy a back up black track... Mines about done (they last a long time so totally worth the price) um dazzleglass cremes, maybe some pigments that I don't have, oh and mascara! I always need that :)

Dec 07, 2010

Naomi P.

awsome question , I would get foundation (right for your skin) and right concealer
I would also invest in fix plus and brush cleaner, and whatsever left go for some eyshadows colors!! good luck!

Dec 07, 2010

Misty H.

I would definitely invest in some  brushes.

Dec 07, 2010

Shika P.

Awesome thread! I have never stuck to a limit in Mac or Boots as it is sooo hard! I would get 2 new paint pots; Painterly and Woodwinked (maybe Constructivist too!). Mac eyeshadows-sketch, shroom, taupe. :D If there is any money left then I would buy a 222! I love the Mac brushes, but was thinking of getting the sigma flat top kabuki brush as Mac dont do an equivalent one!

I DON'T KNOW? i've never went and just spent 100.......maybe a liner,lipstick,3eyeshadows,foundation

Dec 08, 2010

erin w.

A couple paint pots, some dope pigments, and if I had anything left over, a 217 or 213 brush. 

Dec 08, 2010

Sara R.

Wow, $100.. I guess it depends on what makeup products you currently use and are happy with, and what you're most interested in from MAC. As a makeup artist, I know that what I own the most of from MAC are color products such as eyeshadows, lipstick, lipglass, pearlglide eyeliners, blushes and beauty powders, then BRUSHES (because for me, they're the best), and PRO mixing mediums (not sure if you live anywhere near a pro store) such as the eyeliner and water based. Really, you can't go far wrong with a custom quad, eyeliner, blush and lipstick. For eyeshadows, it depends on what finish you're looking for, but staying pretty neutral, I'd go with Honey Lust, Satin Taupe, Club and Sketch. For lipstick, maybe Syrup or Cosmo which are beautiful mid-pinks that would look good on you. Fleur Power is a great peach-pink matte blush, or Ablaze (which is a deep dusty rose) if you want something a little darker, but you have to use with with a light hand. 

Dec 09, 2010

Savannah M.

Eye shadow in rice paper and eyeshadow in sushi flowe :)
dazzle glass
mineralized skin finish
studio sculpt concealar
and 1 lipstick :)
hope thats not over the limit lol

Dec 09, 2010

Savannah M.

heres my mac eyeshadow dream palette (pictures)

I'm going to get

*Mineralize skin finish in soft & gentle
*Lipsticks in girl about town and angel
*Fluidline in blacktrack
*Eyeshadow in expensive pink
*Eyeshadow in bronze
*Eyeshadow in all that glitters

Do you think those lipsticks and eyeshadows will look pretty on me? :)

I am on the fence about the mineralize skin finish...I kinda have my eye on the radiant face trio (in revealed) from victoria secret instead. :) I don't know if they would be the same thing...or if one would be prettier on me.

Dec 14, 2010

Emster A.

It's been a while since I've done check with your store first...but I would schedule a makeover and then buy a few of the products you like. I've found colors/products I would never pick up this way. And if you let them know you have a limit - you might talk them into giving you a few pigment samples to take home. Those pigment samples go a long way.
Another way to stretch the $$ is buying pigment samples from the makeup geek blog store. They have samples for around $4.

Dec 14, 2010

Kim B.

From my experience, and those of other makeup artists (including Kandee Johnson!) don't waste your time on MAC brushes. Although they're high quality, you can get just as good, or better, brushes from ave fun playing around with your new makeup! =)

Dec 16, 2010

Ava S.

I would probably buy:

1. studio fix concealer
2. 2 different blushes(not sure on the colors)
3. another blacktrack fluidline
4. and probably a blending brush

... if that all adds up to $100 lol

Andrea F.

Dec 22, 2010

Andrea F.

Good brushes and good primers are key to awesome makeup application, I'd say! So keep that in mind. Also, keep in mind that Mac's skin care isn't really the best. Maybe search swatches for things you might want! I do this all the time. In order to get an idea of what actually looks good. Get a mac worker to help you out! That is if they are nice at your Mac. Some mac peeps are totally snooty... Anyways! I'd get the studio fix powder, a pretty blush for your skin type, moisture cover concealer, and two eyeshadows. :) 

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