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Does anyone want to start a YOUTUBE Collab series?!?!?


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I was thinking today that I really want to start a collab series something along the line of finding 6 other ladies/gents and we each do a different day of the week and each week have a theme for the week! I think it would be really fun and wanted to know who would like to get in on it? Eventually we could have contest and things like that!

check out my channel and let me know if you are interested and we will get the details straightened out!

Now I am looking for 5 people i have one spot filled!

oh man i totally want to do this, but i wouldn't be reliable for once a week cause i suck so bad at editing and finding time for shooting and editing with having 3 kids!

Well i would still love you have you do it... would you be avalibe like every other week as a special guest or even once a month or whenever you could contribute to the collab we could put it up!

awesome, so what type of tuts would u want? or like , just give me more details in general

i was thinking about having a different theme each week so it would depend... my idea for the first official week would be beat the heat a week full of make-up looks to withstand the summer heat... we could also switch it up from week to week like pick a tag to do for the week or a review of a line of products each week a different person can pick the theme we could rotate. and any suggestions you have would be awesome... we would have to make a channel and everyone would get the password etc and come up with a name.

ok that sounds awesome

after we get a few more people i will message you is that okay?

its up it's...
message me on there and i will send you passwords and such and give you a day of the week and our first assignment

Jul 09, 2011

Emma K.

Hi Alison.... i would love to join you on your collab channel ^w^ thankyou for asking me... i think i wrote a reply somewhere...but i have no clue where its gone lol so if you get this 2x don't worry haha xx

Jul 10, 2011

Leah F.

i heard you got all the spots filled /: awh i thought it wouldve been fun
oh well good luck anyways (: the channel seems like its really looking good

thanks leah i told a few other girls if anyone drops out or we need guest bloggers or guest videos we will write you first!

Jul 11, 2011

Leah F.

thanks so much (: that would be great!