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What's the best way to store my makeup?

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Jul 09, 2012

Hailey N.

I have been a little addicted to buying makeup lately, but I have nowhere to put it. Right now it is scattered throughout my room and my bathroom. How do you store your makeup? Should I just get a box or a bag?

I actually use an old handbag of's got different compartments so it's easier to organize :)

Jul 09, 2012

Mary P.

Go to Walmart or Target & get organizers. I recommend acrylic ones because they look pretty, and get yourself a makeup vanity or table. I use the Clear Cube to organize my makeup (Kardashian style) but you might say its too pricey. Plastic organizers are fine too

Jul 09, 2012

Crystal C.

i get the ones from target too that have rows in it ..its in the storage section in walmart or target and they are graet for organizing makeup i have two bc of my makeup as well and a little bag to carry the stuff i use on a daily basis

Jul 09, 2012

Nicole K.

I have a makeup box to store mine and its easy to store it when im done doing my makeup. I you have brushes i would suggest storing them in a flat case because if you store them standing up leftover makeup on the brush will go down into the brush and damage it. Hope this helps!

Vieanca P.

Jul 09, 2012

Vieanca P.

Or you can go to staples and buy the rotating office supply organizer and use it as makeup organizer (: cheap. 

Jul 30, 2012

Rebecca C.

I use candle holders for my make-up brushes and a pretty tin that I decorated to hold my make-up. It has a lid too so I can shut it away if I don't want people to see my stuff. 

Aug 02, 2012

Dena M.

Target has great mini to large storage drawers and also Amazon has clear makeup storage drawers as well.

Aug 04, 2012

Airi M.

You can get a large traincase and store it all together. I have a large set of plastic drawers, a small set of plastic drawers, and some desktop organizers and drawer organizers to go inside of everything.

Aug 06, 2012

Shelly T.

Get it out of the bathroom! (Unless it's in something like a Caboodle.)

Mine is in an old dresser with some deep-drawer organizers to separate by products. Brushes are kept in pen(cil) tins.

Aug 06, 2012

Jennifer B.

I keep all of my makeup in a Sterilite 3drawer system, and then I keep my brushes in pencil holders from Staples.

Aug 08, 2012

Kalynn K.

I have a 3 drawer thing on wheels from the brand Flexa :) and for the drawer organizers, I get mine from Bed Bath& Beyond

I have the mac brand zuca bag.. it's really only available to Mac Pro card holders, but I managed to get my hands on one. It's about 300 dollars though, so I'd only suggest it to SERIOUS makeup artists who make money with what they do. It's an AMAZING case though!! You can sit on it, and it holds up to 300 pounds, and meets restrictions for carry on luggage for flying!

Sep 14, 2012

Michelle E.

I store my makeup in my bedroom on my vanity w/ organizers && in an ikea helmer, check it out here

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