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How do you remember your Inglot shade numbers?!

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I (sort of) recently just purchased some Inglot shadows, and I adore them! However I feel like suh a noob when it comes to remembering their shade numbers! I have them in the freedom system 5-palette, so writing the numbers on the pan isn't really an option, since they're pretty set in stone there. So what clever system do you use to remember your inglot shade numbers?!

If you've got a label maker, you could make labels and put them on the back of the palette if you don't want to write on the actual palette. Or do that, but with paper and tape. I have a little notebook with the shades written down, hahahaha.

I used to have a sticky note on my computer with the shade and numbers. But I lost it somehow, and I always find myself going back to Inglot's website and looking for the shade and a number that looks familiar. xD
Thanks for the ideas!

Jul 08, 2012

Bec S.

I keep a running list of them in my phone. I don't need to know what each of them are, but if I'm in the position of purchasing more, I need to make sure I don't get the same thing twice. I separate them by basic color (red, blue, yellow, etc.) Also, once they go in the palette, I have a hard time getting them out, so it helps to do it before you drop them into place.

Having them labeled on the back is a good idea. I might try to dig them out so I can do that. It would be nice to know.

Jul 08, 2012

Viktoriyaa I.

On the back of the freedom system case you can line up the color number to the color ( in the order placed ) you can get the labels from any Staples.

Jul 08, 2012

keri k.

I have this issue lol I bought my palette but completely forgot to take down the numbers and now i have no idea what i have

I am also like Bec S. and keep a list on my phone. I store them on an app called Evernote so I don't buy duplicates. I can not remember the names without that list. :-( I agree they are super hard to take out once they are in there.

Jul 22, 2012

Danie D.

I'm soo bad at remembering. So I've gone to staples and got a label maker to label the inside of containers. Sometimes if you ake it back to the store before it runs out someone at the store can look at the color and ell you which ones you have.

Aug 13, 2012

Heidi C.

i usually take my spatula and slide it in on one side of the shadow between the pan and the actual hole. theres enough space to scoop the shadow out =)

Aug 13, 2012

Alexis R.

I'm a huge nerd and I have a ton of their shadows, so I actually started a spreadsheet in Excel, in ascending order. So I can just search it when I'm thinking of placing a new order. It's hardly convenient but it works!

Aug 15, 2012

Raisa J.

Same issue bought my 10 palette and my dumb self didn't mark down the Inglot shades. I might just take palette w me to the inglot store and matching it against it's sister shade and finding out the shade that way bc I DO NOT want to risk, getting them out and potentially breaking or messing up the eye shadow. And who knows the sales girl might know the shades and help me out w the whole process :) 

Aug 26, 2012

Mandy A.

I dont have an inglot store anywhere near where I live so I ordered mine and I plan on making a list to save to my computer, and labeling the back. To the ladies who have a hard time getting them out of the palette, just buy one magnate and use it to remove them. If you use the corner of the palette lid it can scuff the shodows. But if you use a larger magnate it wont scuff them.

Dec 14, 2012

Nicole A.

Lets put it this way, Ive went back to Inglot and bought some of the same shades I already own lol):

Dec 18, 2012

Jazmyn M.

I bought a strong magnet from home depot wrapped it in electrical tape (the black one) so it wouldnt be that harsh and when ever i need to know a number i just put it on the eye shadow and it lifts it out :]

I don't! I just have to remove them to check the numbers or write them down. I do think it's smart of them, because they don't need to rename each shade for each countries, but it is really hard to remember them.

Dec 24, 2012

Meaghan S.

I had to write the 10 down i have lol, it would be easier if they had names, not numbers 

May 14, 2013

Alexis R.

As embarrassing and nerdy as this is, I have an excel spreadsheet with all my Inglot shadows to keep track of what I already own when buying, and then in the palettes I use the tiny little pricetag stickers you can get and I stick them to the back of the palette on the back of the corresponding shadow... sigh, it's so labor intensive!

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