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Dying To Grow Ny Hair

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Jul 06, 2012

Kirsten G.

When you get out of the shower, Brushing your hair while its wet can damage your hair. I wait until my hair is dry maybe a little moist but mostly dry, then I use a comb because it is a lot better the brushes. I'm growing my hair out too :) try sulfate fee formula shampoo and stay away from heat styling. :)

Jul 06, 2012

Kirsten G.

I sent that like four times... Sorry bad internet...

Jul 07, 2012

Terra M.

Many things contribute to growing long hair! :) Just a few:
-Heredity. My hair grows super fast on its own, but others may grow hair slower, it is just part of you how fast it grows and how much.
-Diet. A healthy diet means a healthy you! And that is including your hair and skin!
-Heat styling. Hard to avoid but using it less definitely helps avoid damage to your hair. If you do use hot tools on your hair use a heat protectant:) I personally let my hair air dry 99% of the time.
-Hair care. Avoid brushing while wet, tugging hair styles such as a high tight pony tail or bun over long periods of time or often, sun exposure and teasing/back combing. Also frequent hair washing, lots of people wash their hair every day, but this strips the hair of its natural oils and can make it dry. I wash my hair once or twice a week. Your hair may be oily at first while doing this but after a bit it adjusts. You can also try dry shampoos in between.
-Products. Conditioning, and non drying shampoos work wonders! Look for things containing oils and conditioners. I also like to use leave in conditioners and oils after I'm out of the shower or when I'm getting ready for the day.
Hope that helps:)

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