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Homemade Hair Remedy

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Jul 06, 2012

Crystal G.

I was wondering if anyone has any homemade remedies that they use on their hair. For example mayonnaise and all that stuff =] I've heard that egg is good to put protein back in hair but I'm a bit skeptical. If anyone has used that stuff I'd like some feedback

Jul 06, 2012

Brandi P.

Coconut oil(organic) apply to hair 30 minutes. Before shampooing .. Great for dry hair and thick hair.. 

Jul 06, 2012

Erica F.

Baking soda. I have fine hair and it gave me some texture, made it still soft and shiny and I didn't have to wash it as often. Plus a beer rinse and rinsing conditioner with hot then COLD water for shine.

Jul 06, 2012

Crystal G.

thanks I'll try those out 

Jul 07, 2012

Livvy K.

I have heaps on my blog: http://meine-schadenfreude.blogspot...
just search in the search box with 'hair'

Jul 08, 2012

Atiyah Y.

I make my own deep conditioner using mayo, eggs & natural oils. I leave it on my hair for 2+ hours & it definitely puts protein back in my hair & leaves it soft. 

Jul 22, 2012

Sandra R.

i tried mayo and it didnt work !!!:/

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