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Tanning Beds/Salons - the Works!

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Jul 05, 2012

Eunice S.

Hey Everybody! Summer's here and a little Vitamin D never hurt anybody.

Who goes to the beach?
Who goes to tanning salons? What lotions do you purchase if you do?

Heading into the Hawaii sunset, tanless :( so I've been debating on whether or not I should hit the tanning salon. And once I do, if I should purchase that tanning lotion!

My ears and eyes are yours now, thanks for reading!

*d: stole that photo from Pinterest and have no idea where it's originally from

i tan at a tanning salon only for special occasions and i usually go for the month. i don't usually use any lotion only unless i am burned. i feel like all lotions do is act like a regular tanning lotion that you can buy from a drugstore; they leave a discoloration of your skin. and the shimmery ones do the same. i'm not sure which tanning lotion is best, i usually ask the person working, but i would suggest one without shimmers.
i also live at my beach house, so i go to the beach almost everyday. at the beach i either use spf 10 or lower or nothing.

so now i know that many people are so against tanning because of what it does to your skin and I KNOW. but i'm enjoying life.. besides i don't abuse tanning. since i have dark features, hair & eyes, a tan makes all my features come together. and a big reason i like to tan is because it drys out my acne and leaves my skin completely clear.

any way girl, if you wanna beautiful bronze to your skin, i recommend you go for it! just of course don't abuse it!

Jul 06, 2012

Eunice S.

YEAH, just to update. I got burned. Bad. Abused!

Jul 06, 2012

Summer W.

I use the tanning bed & love it ! I use the playboy 50x bronze ! Works great !
Goodluck ! 

Jul 07, 2012

Angela W.

I'm not gonna lie, I used to go to the tanning salon- but no more! Not since I saw a woman come into my medical office who had a lovely face and then... omg... the craziest most wrinkled (although nicely tanned) chest and neck I'd ever seen!

This picture also convinced me to never tan again. This is a 69 year old truck driver that experienced sun exposure on the half of his face that was next to the window. Can you guess which side got more sun?  Yeah...

Jul 08, 2012

Kira D.

DON'T GO TO A TANNING SALON it can cause skin cancer and wrinkles

Jul 08, 2012

Crystal C.

yeah tanning salon is really not worth getting wrinkled and 2nd degree burns ..i go to the beach but you can still use sunblock and get nice color with the protection you need. if you want the fake stuff sephora has some good stuff like lorac self tantilizer and it smells like vanilla and the mitten makes it go on evenly, and a bronzer called fakebake, when you get 2nd degree burn trust me no sun is worth that pain. 

Jul 14, 2012

S E.

I would recommend getting some self tanner (st. tropez and L'oreal make nice ones). I like getting tan as well, and I'm all for a natural (spf protected) tan, but unless it's so important to you that you would trade your life for it, I'd reconsider tanning beds.

Jul 14, 2012

Biljana P.

When at the beach I spend my time under an umbrella and I still get color!!!!! I try to avoid the sun due to skin cancer and wrinkles

I used to use tanning beds but have stopped due to all the risks of them. If you decide to build a tan, here is what worked for me!

I have freckly fair skin so I started in the beds for 3 minutes then after two sessions increased the time to 5 minutes then gradually worked my way up to the 20 minute maximum without burning. I also used an sunscreen in the beds to help prevent burning, spf 10 and under can still let you tan.

Once I built up my base color, I purchased lotions which already have color tint in them for that bronze look! Those can be pricey, a little can go a long way, My favorite was Pheonician it helped me achieve that bronze/olive look that my mom naturally has.

Once you build up a good tan you can cut down on the beds and just tan outside and it usually takes up to 3 weeks to build a tan assuming your tanning about 3-4 times a week and NEVER more than once in the same day!

Jul 16, 2012

Sana R.

I live in Hawaii so I have a bit of first hand experience. My first tip: do not tan before you come here. If you go to a tanning salon before even getting here, by the time you leave Hawaii, you'll be extremely dark compared to your natural skin color. Also, tanning beds are horrid to your skin. You're basically sticking yourself in an oven and cooking your skin: not good.

Also, do not buy tanning lotion. What you really want to buy is sunscreen. If you buy tanning lotion, I promise you that after your first day here, you'll be sunburned. After day three, you'll have one of the worst sunburns you've ever had. What you really need is sunscreen. If you get a good SPF 25, you'll still be tan but you won't burn quite as horribly. Loads of girls come here with tanning lotion and end up getting horribly burned. You can tell by the tomato look they're sporting instead of that golden tan they were hoping for.

Also, make sure to reapply your sunscreen several times a day. Hawaii sun is especially vicious when it comes to skin and sunburns during the summer.

Jul 16, 2012

Rachael F.

I say if you really feel the need to go tanning so you can be tan arriving in Hawaii go for it but you are going to get tan anyways so it depends how dark you want to get I guess

Jena O.

Jul 16, 2012

Jena O.

Skip the tanning beds, bronzing gels/cream or self tanner are safer (check ingredients too) Jergens glow lotion is great. Remember: A tan is evidence of sun damage, they darker you get from the sun or tanning beds the more damage done to your skin. The more sun exposure you give your skin, the higher chance of wrinkles, sun spots and skin CANCER you will have in the future. The sun also breaks down collagen and elastin in skin which keeps skin plump and firm. SPF 30 broad spectrum or full spectrum =)
UVA rays:Aging rays
UVB: Burning rays

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