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What Do You Think Of French Manicures

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Jul 26, 2012

Kensie L.

Trashy and dated imho. They're like the monogram LV bags: A status symbol that once signified class is now so overused and common, that its sort of lost its status and just looks tacky. Soon, Loubes will join that group because everyone and their mama has a pair of red bottoms and they'll become dated instead of timeless.

ETA: Not putting down anyone who wears french manis (or LVs and red-bottoms for that matter)

french manicures are elegant.. i just find it so sophisticated until now 

Aug 04, 2012

Alina W.

I agree with Anita. I might spice it up sometimes, though I do love french manicures,you could do like a red tip instead of white or a hot pink base instead of clear. 

Aug 04, 2012

Grace C.

Love! I like French manicures on natural, well manicured hands. Very classy and professional. I'm not a fan of artificial nails but i typically don't like a French with them because it screams "I'm fake"

Aug 05, 2012

Rachael F.

^^ haha it does!

Aug 05, 2012

Kathy K.

Pink and white French is pretty. But changing the color or adding glitter or foil is fun!!!

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