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Drug Store Makeup vs Higher End Makeup

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Jul 10, 2012

Tamika D.

As an aspiring professional makeup artist I've learned that it's not all about the most expensive makeup! First starting out, I was unsure which direction I wanted to go. I am a lover of many brands & I decided to use all brands in my kit. There are some really good drug store brands out there that can get the job done. It's not all about the brand. How do you feel about drug store makeup vs higher end makeup?

Jul 10, 2012

Becky F.

There are tons of different makeup brands out there! I don't think its all about the money that the makeup costs, it's the quality of the makeup that counts. Every brand has some great and not so great products, it's just a matter of finding what brand makes a certain product the best for your taste. It's really trial and error but that can be fun because you get to play and test! :) Researching brands and products definitely helps as well. This site it even a huge help because you have easy access to people's honest opinions on products. I think having a variety is best because even the highest end makeup can't make every product perfect for everyone.

Jul 11, 2012

Shelley W.

I don't have much success with drugstore brands when it comes to foundations, blush and even some eye shadows. I use a MUA for my competitions and all she has in her kit is high end. The only drug store items that I've seen in her kit is mascaras and a few lip glosses. She works on some pretty high end assignments and she has to have a lot of high end products or face the wrath of not getting repeat work (she told me about an actress that she worked with refusing to have drugstore items applied on her face stating that they are inferior products). I know that for me personally I'd rather my artist carry more high-end in her makes me feel special and glamourous. Especially when its stuff that I don't even have in my own personal stash. 

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