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Please Help...Need Healthy Suggestions For Facial Lightening Creams

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Jun 14, 2012

Nadeem A.

hi, im trying to find a good and reliable facial lightening cream...that could effectively help towards achieving a fairer, even and healthier skin complexion. i would really appreciate any suggestions... preferably products you may have experienced.

i'm south asian and have medium brown complexion so fairer skin is an important goal for me...but
healthier and even skin is my priority....and i'm looking for products that will produce healthy results even in long term use.
any suggestions or tips would be very helpful. thanks

Jul 16, 2013

Carol S.

I've been using a cream and skin lightening soap everyday for 2 weeks and my skin is already looking brighter and whiter, its 1 shade lighter right now, I use the cream and soap everyday, I get it from this website, its the only safe and trustworthy one I have found, good luck

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