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Hair colors for dark skin

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I've been wanting to do something different with my hair color,but I'm not too sure. I've had blond and a orange/red colored weave but it was always at the bottom of 16inch hair which was black at the top. My real hair is short and I'm not sure exactly where I want to dye it(top,ends back,highlights). I dont want to look "ghetto",so should I just stay jet black?

Jun 20, 2012

Teia B.

Hi Doll!! I used to do the "traditional" color blocking when it came to dyeing my hair. Now you can learn this technique that I discovered myself, which you can DIY at home technique. You can use your favorite weaving hair in a dark brown or chocolate color at the bottom and you can take your two favorite hair weaving colors and put the brightest hair color on top of the dark brown or chocolate tone weave color and take your other favorite hair weaving hair color put on top of the brightest hair weaving color. The results: "FIERCE & FABULOUS!" <3 

Thank ill definitely try this technique out !

Jun 24, 2012

Teia B.

Ur Welcome Diva! Be sure to post pics I would love to see the them. 

I would recommend leaving your hair color natural and play around with color through weave!! It'll keep your hair healthy and u can still switch it up! With the ombre trend there's so many options! I would just go play in a hair store for a while! :)

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