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Makeup Kit

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Aug 30, 2012

Becca T.

What's the best starting out products to build a kit?

Aug 30, 2012

Natalie F.

Becca, I think it really depends on what kind of a budget your working with first. 

Aug 30, 2012

Claudia B.

Natalie is right. There are many products to use but they can be very expensive. Im not sure if they have it anymore but MAC us to have a while kit you could buy. I think B&H cosmetics might have one 

Aug 31, 2012

Jessica D.

You can get a pallet of 120 shadows from BH Cosmetics for $25 on eBay.....SO worth it!

Aug 31, 2012

Lisa H.

La femme blush amazing, bhcosmetics has great eye shadow palettes,,, & are all great sites. Also Ben nye has great products too! And don't forget to check the different brands for pro discounts before buying its totally worth it you can save like 40%!!!

Aug 31, 2012

Yves E. 

Sep 10, 2012

Jennifer T.

I would probably buy affordable products that's on your budget and work your way up. 

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