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Organic Sensitive Skincare Products

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Sep 18, 2012

Nana L.

I have super sensitive skin. If I put on anything my skin doesn't like, I will break out. For this reason, I've been looking at more organic and pure skincare lines. Any advice?

Sep 18, 2012

Forrest G.

Avalon Organics has a wide range of different types of skin care. My favorite is the CoQ10 repair line and Lavender Luminosity line. The milk products are very hydrating but still cleans the skin, plus they are great at removing excess makeup. The toners are fantastic as well. You can get it online, at a Whole Foods, larger drug stores that have an organic section, or Ulta.

Sep 18, 2012

Crystal S.

I love jeune d' âge organics!

Sep 19, 2012

Ashley S.

I'm going to link dump because this is kinda my area of expertise. My skin isn't super sensitive but I can personally recommend all of these brands even if I'm not using the exact products. The only one I don't use in my current regimen is Evan Healy--even though I loved this cleansing milk, I had originally purchased it from a clearance rack and it was a bit too expensive for me to replace.
I use (and love) the original exfoliating wash. They just came out with a foaming lavender cleanser, which I'm trying now and seems to have good results. The foam's consistency is a little strange and might take getting used to. It also has a *very* strong smell of lavender (not tempered with other scents lavender, like dried lavender plants) which I'm not sure if I'll be able to get over, as it is not a scent that I enjoy at all.
I don't use this product but the cream cleanser/makeup remover has worked well enough for me. You also get quite a bit of product for a pretty low price. So far, I have no complaints with this company.
Good product, but kinda pricey.

If you like Lush, "9 to 5" "Fresh Farmacy" or "Aqua Marina" may be worth a shot.
I've only used Fresh Farmacy and it's not one I tend to go back to unless I have to because the calamine is very messy and seems to drip onto my countertops. In reading up for you though, I can't wait to try 9 to 5! I've been experimenting with skincare for years but am new to makeup so I really want to compare this and ultrabland to the indie makeup removers I'm using. As always with Lush, if you have a store you can go to, I'd recommend a visit because you can try everything, get tips and most of the products you can get a decent sized sample that ought to last for a few uses at least.

Sep 19, 2012

Ashley S.

Other good brands are Mychelle, the entire Yes to ____ line, Alba Botanica

Out of these my favorites are Yes to Tomatoes and Alba Botanica. I'm currently using the Mychelle fruit enzyme toner, which smells amazing but I'm not convinced it's as great as they're claiming. Ultimately my issue with them is that they have an attitude that, to me, they haven't lived up to. Yes to Tomatoes is more of an acne line, you might do better with Carrots or Cucumbers, for me it's a fall-back brand. It's not a brand I'll use all the time but it's easy to get when I'm travelling, so I'll often use it when I go to the mainland. If you have a chemical sunscreen sensitivity, I highly recommend the Yes to Carrots SPF 15 body lotion. You really have to rub it in to prevent whiteness but it has amazing results (and I live in Hawaii so you can trust me on that). I don't use a lot of Alba but I have two of their products that I *swear* by: the deep sea mask and the pineapple enzyme facial wipes. The mask was invaluable when I was having a lot of soreness in my face and the wipes are probably the best I've used for removing makeup. Not as good as a liquid or cream obviously but very effective and still gentle enough to thoroughly clean eye makeup. I can use it on very heavy eye makeup and it has never caused irritation.

Using cleansing milks/creams (the ones that you wipe off with a damp cloth instead of rinsing) is a good option for sensitive skin. And make sure that you're using an alcohol-free toner and not an astringent because that could be contributing to your skin acting up.

Sep 30, 2012

Eileen L.

Just look at the ingredients and make sure you avoid things like parfum, sulfate, and parabens. Here's a website if you want to learn more A product can say its organic but when you look at the ingredients, they still contain stuff that can irritate skin

Sep 30, 2012

Ellie B.

Check out arbonne... Safe ingredients (no parabens sulfates or anything like that) and its great quality stuff that lasts ages! You really get your money's worth and they do skin care AND cosmetics ;) 

Sep 30, 2012

Tanya R.

Stay away from arbonne I'm sorry but all natural based does mean its natural! They are heavily scented which to me aren't natural then. Very expensive too . I'm saying this as I purchased the whole fc5 line and my skin was so irritated !... I reccomend boots no 7 soft and soothed line

Sep 30, 2012

Yumi R.

If you have sensitive skin because of allergies be careful using all natural products. I discovered I was allergic to aloe and it is in literally everything i was using! That being said, like someone mentioned if you have a Whole Foods near you they usually have a vast collection of organic skin, body care and makeup lines.

I personally like LUSH, Earth Science and Dr Hauschka but skincare is such a personal thing you have to kind of find things through trial and error. 

Try the Yes to Cucumbers line or Avalon Organics lavender line. Both are good with sensitive skin and are readily available.

Oct 31, 2013

Jason B.

Use honey for sensitive skin. I too have a sensitive skin and even if a rub it little hardly it gets red. I have been using honey since long and it worked for me. 

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