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Jobs at Sephora/MAC

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Sep 19, 2012

Brittany K.

I've been researching the crap out of both M.A.C, and Sephora, and what it would take to get a job at either or. I love makeup and really want to go into it as a profession, so working a counter would be a great way to get practice, and get some money while I'm in college. Though I have a few questions I can't seem to find answers to..

1) I know that MAC allows piercings and tattoos, but what about Sephora? I'm aware they had some pretty strange rules a few years back, but what about now?
2) Which would you recommend first? This would be my first job dealing with make-up, and retail, but not with dealing with people/costumer service. I do have personal experience with makeup, but nothing...official.
3) Any other advice, personal experience, ect?

Thank-you all in advance for any help you may be able to provide. ;>

Sep 21, 2012

Brittany K.

Still looking for help! 

Sep 21, 2012

Cerita S.

I dont know where u live but where i live (new York) you cant work at mac unless you had prior retail experience , do to the fact that even though you make people up mac stilll wants you to be able to sell a product .

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