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So, my instructer is allowing me to write a paper about Beauty Lish and I have questions to be answered!!

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Sep 21, 2012

Megan F.

My college English teacher just requested that everyone find a "Discourse Community" that has something to do with the career we have planned for ourselves. A discourse community is pretty much just a group of people who share common interests that get together and share their ideas or give feedback on what ever it is they're meeting for. In this case, it's beauty! Since I'll be starting beauty school soon, what better community to write about than the Beautylish community?!
I have some questions that were given to help gather information to write my paper, so if you guys wanna help me out, go for it!! And thanks so much!! :)

Question 1: What are the specific goals of this community?
Question 2: Why are these goals important?
Question 3: How do member communicate or reach out to one another?
Question 4: What specific genres does this DC employ to work toward their goals?
Question 5: What other "ways of being in the world" are important to this DC?

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