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Putting On Fake Eyelashes

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Sep 21, 2012

Diana D.

I always have problems glueing on false eyelashes cuz I just can't get them to stay on near the corner of my eye! Could it be the type of eyelash glue? I need help -__-

Sep 21, 2012

Katrina C.

What kind are you using? The only eyelash adhesive I've ever tried and use now is DUO. It seems to work good. Maybe its still too wet when you put it on? And you just need to let it get more tacky? You should check your local beauty supply for an Eyelash Applicator. Not sure exactly what brand but I'm sure anyway will do. You can look it up and see how it works and what it looks like but it's the easiest way to apply lashes and will help the problem of getting it to stay all around. hope this helps!

Sep 25, 2012

Jessi J.

I will be loading an eyelash instructional video on my youtube channel this afternoon if you're interested in having a look :) it shows how to apply the glue, how to put it on and what to do afterwards, including some other helpful tips.
Getting the right glue is the main thing, DUO adhesive never fails me, apply a little extra on the outer corners because they are the areas that will lift up (if they eyelashes start to lift).

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