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Sep 05, 2012

Jonika M.

I need to find a new foundation! I know exactly what I want in a foundation. I have been breaking out recently. I want a foundation that's healthy for the skin, doesn't get oily, cream in texture, medium to full coverage, and with a nice dewy finish. Btw,I've been using MAC. I've been looking into Make Up Forever HD and NARS and am not sure if they're the right choices.

Sep 05, 2012

Cristin H.

I use MAC Studio Fix Fluid and tried the Make Up Forever HD and couldn't stand it. I'm sure it works for some people but after just a couple hours it stated looking/feeling terrible. It started getting that separated look and seemed to get kinda oily. I used a primer and MAC skinfinish powder which I love and really helps with my oilyness. I have yet to find what your looking for that I like as much or even close to my MAC. :/

Sep 05, 2012

Yesenia P.

I'm looking for the exact same thing!! I love the Revlon Colorsty Whipped, but it's not very Dewey. I actually like the ELF Flawless Finish Foundation. It medium to full coverage, definitely Dewey, supposedly oil free. But I don't know if it's what has caused me to break out ={ seems like I'll never find why I'm looking for ={

Sep 05, 2012

Tania A.

If the MAC studio fix is making you break out and oily it's because the bases on the studio fix are already oily I have couple of oily spots on my face and what I do is moisturize my face then prime it with a NYC primer then apply the studio fix once it's all applied grab a napkin or oil absorbing sheets if you have any and dab it all over your face especially where u get the most oily parts. Then set it with a translucent powder and your set my face looks matte and full covered 😄💜👌

Sep 06, 2012

Laura R.

I just tried a tinted moisterer n it feels good nf healthy , try Sonia kashuk (:

Sep 06, 2012

Kat L.

I love the MUFE HD- but you have to use a primer with this foundation! I also use a sponge- I found I get better results with it than a brush. But I love the look of it- slightly dewy, medium to full coverage.  

Sep 06, 2012

Shelly T.

Which MAC foundation have you been using? Have you been stressed lately? Have you made other changes that may be causing breakouts (e.g., change of diet)? What's your skincare routine?

Sep 06, 2012

Nijia Britt F.

I particularly like Face Atelier, for a dewy finish you can always apply MAC's strobe liquid under any foundation to create that look and finish with MAC Fix Plus spray. Your breakouts may not be from the foundation alone. You may want to adjust your wear pattern of foundation, make sure you have a great skincare routine, drink plenty of water to flush toxins from skin and make an adjustment to your diet. 

Sep 17, 2012

Mandy J.

I like the bareminerals

Sep 18, 2012

Kim R.

You can get a dewy finish with almost any foundation by applying it with a damp sponge, I would suggest the MUFE HD foundation. Good luck!

Sep 18, 2012

Srna K.

Try the MUFE HD foundation. I absolutely love it. I have just done a Youtube Review on the product check it out!

Sep 18, 2012

Kyle G.

For a more Dewey look I'd say Nars Sheer Glow, it's got fantastic coverage with a natural Dewey look. Believe it or not Bare Minerals is amazing as well, their "Original" line has a luminescent sheen to it so it looks natural and can be worked to full coverage. <3 hope this helps Hun!! :) 

Sep 19, 2012

Mary P.

You won't know until you keep trying other products, thats how you find your HG, and everyones skin is different/reacts different to every foundation. I use Nars Sheer Glow, while i love it, you may not... and warning: Nars foundation is light/medium coverage. If you have acne you want to cover up, google full coverage foundations. 

Sep 23, 2012

Sadie S.

IM LOVING MUFE HD, is defenetly working for me I'm super exited I ordered it:)

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