My heat protectant makes smoke?

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Apr 30, 2012

Michaela C.

I use the Silk Elements Heat Protectant with Olive Oil, and whenever I put it in my hair and then straighten it, my hair smokes and sizzles like it's being fried!

I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen.

Am I using too much or should I just switch to a new one? If so, which one? I have thick, black hair, if that helps.

Apr 30, 2012

Latia C.

It could be that the heat protectant is burning and not your hair. Usually, if you straighten your hair right after you apply your heat protectant, it can cause the product to sizzle and smoke. Don't fret because it's not your hair. If you still feel skeptical, you should apply your heat protectant and then brush it through your hair, making sure your hair is dry BEFORE turning on your flat iron and straightening your hair. This should help with the sizzling and smoking. I've had this happen with other heat protectants and natural hair oils too.

hey michaela...well more than likely its the water found in the product "smoking" rather than your hair actually burning...the higher end or more professional brand products you buy will contain less water as an maybe switch brands so you wont ruin your hope this helps and good luck..xo sarahann oh and ps i really love chi heat protectant spray no smoke or sizzle :) 

May 01, 2012

Ashley E.

I doubt that your hair is burning. Like the previous ladies stated, typically it is an element in the product such as water that causes it to smoke. I used to get blow outs on my hair and the product she would spray on my hair prior to blowing it out, would always cause "smoke" to appear.

Sep 28, 2012

Isolina C.

Smoke free hair protecting regimen! Hair is made of proteins and flat ironing hair destroys the protein. I do protein treatments with Nutress Hair protein packs every time I wash and flatiron my hair. I also use the Nutress Stop Break Leave-in-Conditioner and Foam Wrap to protect my hair before I blow dry and flat iron it. My hair always feels protected and stays healthy despite the heat! Check them out the products are so versatile and AFFORDABLE.

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