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May 06, 2012

khatija a.

what do you girls think of wearing tiaras on your wedding day? personally i thin it looks cheap

May 06, 2012

S S.

I guess it depends on what the crown looks like and the person's taste :P


for me i think a bride should wear whatever she wants. would i ? who know's but i have seen makeup on a bride that just killed the elegance of everything as well as a dress , so there are a lot of things that play a factor in making something look cheap. to each his own though.

May 07, 2012

Lana Y.

I agree with Keshonta...bride should wear what she wants, Its her day..her rules right? :) I didn't like tiara's at all, till I tried it on with my dress and just topped off the whole look. :))

I wore one. I liked it a lot. I felt like a princess, which is sort of my "vibe."

May 07, 2012

Angela C.

I think it depends on the personal style of the bride and the style of the gown. I've styled some lovely brides with tiaras and steered others away from them. All things can be done tastefully, but that's the key.

May 08, 2012

Alicia J.

I think the key is matching the correct style tiara with the rest of the look. I will wear one when i get married.

May 09, 2012

Consuelo A.

I agree with Keshonta B. it depends on what YOU like and what YOU want. If this is your wedding day, remeber its' YOUR wedding day. Not your bridesmaids, not your sisters, not your mothers, not your mother in laws, not your friends. YOURS. So if you want to wear a clown suit on YOUR day, you wear one and your bridal party better go along with it. They dont have to like it but they should love you enough to WANT to make YOU happy on YOUR day.

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