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Waxing Problem

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Mar 06, 2012

Vanessa b.

ok so everytime i wax my eyebrows i end up with all these red bumps for a whole week ! they look like pimples but they arent.. i dont know what it is but its very annoying.. any idea how to get rid of them ?

Mar 06, 2012

Catherine T.

Your skin is probably irritated from the wax..try soothing it with a cooling mask or maybe try threading? 

Mar 07, 2012

Courtney L.

You may be having a reaction to the product they use, when i would get my brows done before i go to the place im at now, the oil they wold use after they do the wax would cause the irritation. i figured that out because i asked her to not use the oil and it helped out a lot but there was still a few bumps but no nearly as bad of a breakout.

Mar 07, 2012

Sabrina P.

Try Threading its the best thing and you when you wax your stretching your skin and that will cause premature wrinkles i haven't waxed in a while my eyebrows just thread

Mar 08, 2012

Ashley R.

you have to watch out where you're getting your eyebrows threaded.
some people pull the strings through their mouths which is extremely gross and unsanitary.
a girl that went to my cosmetology school got her eyebrows threaded and ended up getting herpes, so just watch.

Mar 09, 2012

Christine C.

yea prob an allergic reaction.. I have sensitive skin and use hard wax for my face instead of soft and have never had a problem

Mar 09, 2012

Shiyun J.

Do you use anything that contains retinol? I won't recommend threaded I saw many people got threading and their eyebrow never in a perfect professional shape.
find some places that they use GIGI tea tree wax (green wax). 

Apr 02, 2012

Raize D.

You should go to a place like European Wax Center where they actually sell products that help alleviate redness and also sell products that help your wax last longer and your hair to grow slower! I love them, they are literally all over the nation so they are super easy to find in most major cities. i suggest you look them up and try them. Also maybe the fact that their waxing is stripless might help with the irritation on your eyebrow section! if u do check em out let me know how that goes! 

Read the packaging thoroughly. Sometimes, it says "not suitable for [specific area]", even though it may contain other words like "great for sensitive skin". Experiment with different brands or even try getting them professionally done.

If that fails, dust baby powder on your brow/forehead area with a powder brush and make sure that you sweep off all the excess. This will help to prevent too much tugging at your skin, which could very well be the cause of your problems.

Try not to use a moisturiser or any makeup for almost 24 hours on the waxed area, because the newly-exposed skin could be where the reaction is taking place.

If you can bear the pain of threading (I personally can't because no matter where I go or who I try, they always tear out bits of skin) then that could be a better alternative.

Apr 02, 2012

Paige M.

I agree with Raize -- try the European Wax Center. Also, try a Claritin the day of your wax. You could be having an allergic reaction. 

Jun 13, 2012

Britt A.

I have the same issue with my eyebrows because I use to treat my skin with glycolic acid and medications for acne in the past. What I find is that using Tend Skin or other skin soothers made specifically for use after hair removal work great! You can use them mostly everywhere, even on your bikini, and you can find them at Sephora or Ulta :)

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