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Wearing heels in High School?

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Mar 05, 2012

Becca R.

So I am a freshman and I'm obsessed with shoes especially my multiple pairs of heels that are 4-5 inches high. My confidence isn't really there but I've never really ever seen anyone wear high heels to school and i don't really want to be stared at and get rude comments ( I live in a VERY small southern town), and I'm 5'7 without heels. So whats your opinion on wearing heels at school?

I don't see why it'd be a problem. I know of a few girls that wore heels in high school. One even wore heels every single day. You wear what you wanna wear and rock them. Who cares about everyone else? 

Mar 05, 2012

Latia C.

I wore heels all the time when I was in high school, but I always kept my heel height in the 4-inch range. I would personally suggest wearing them on extra dressy days or dances, but make sure you keep an extra pair of shoes (flats are ideal) in case your feet start to hurt. Also, be wary of the environment of your school. Does the school grounds have bumpy asphalt, a lot of stairs inside the school, or any dangerous cracks in the sidewalk? Be careful because you don't want to injury yourself. If you still want added height, but a more comfortable and safe shoe, try wedges. They can be very comfortable and safer than shoes with a skinny heel.

Mar 05, 2012

Nabila V.

I wore heels to school, not very high heels but I wore wedges or 3 inch heels. When I first started wearing heels I was very clumsy and I have had many moments where I ended up on my behind lol but my best advice is to practice,practice,practice. I wore heels all the time at home and walked all over the house in them. I still do it when I buy a new shoe to get accustomed to them. Good Luck :)

I don't think she needs to practice wearing heels since she's obsessed and has multiple pairs, haha. She's just not very confident in actually wearing them to school since it's not normal~.

LOL OH GIRL YOU LIVE IN ASHEVILLE THAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING. I live in Hickory, ninety minutes away, and it's the same thing. Insert stares because you're not wearing sweats and a hoodie here~

Mar 05, 2012

Tasha C.

hater's gonna hate. potatoes gonna potato.
you strut your thing, girl! i'm sure you'd be okay, but yeah make sure you have an extra pair of flats, *just incase!* i couldn't wear heels in school due to me being NEVER comfortable in it! i had to walk a lot too..but i always wanted to wear it .. but now i wear heels almost all the time when i'm going out haha! good luck lovely ♥

Mar 06, 2012

Dana K.

I'm a freshmen, too and I wear heels all the time. I absolutely love shoes. My friends love my outfits that I put together, but I only dress to please myself. I say go for it. Who cares what anyone thinks? 

Mar 06, 2012

Sofia C.

If you love shoes, why should you lack confidence while wearing something youre so obsessed with? Rock them! from what I read, it seems like people dont have style at your school......or maybe they do, but dont care to expose it. Just because you show up in heels, doesnt give anybody any reason to make rude comments. Think about it. It implies nothing negative, except that you like if anybody does say something nasty, there's really no reason except that they are some sort of jerk with no regard to individuality. Personally, I love being eccentric (even though heels are a super normal thing to wear) and yes, anything different intimidates people and they may not react warmly but it SHOULDNT MATTER. I know it's just heels, but it's a very important life lesson not mind what people who dont matter think :) It's irrelevant. You obviously want to wear heels to school even if youre apprehensive, so do it! Do what makes you happy. If you feel uncomfortable, stop....but I hope you dont and that you can strut your stuff down those miserable hallways. haha

Hahahaa, miserable hallways.
Those shoes would probably make the miserable a little more happy. ;)

Mar 06, 2012

Soma S.

I wore heels every day in high school, back when platform stripper shoes were considered classy as long as they weren't clear plastic... =P

I see no problem with it. My only warning is to prepare for fashion faux pas related accidents when horsing around with friends... [I've fallen on my butt too many times to count chasing friends around in heels] =P

Mar 06, 2012

Rebekah D.

wear them and wear them with confidence! :) yeah, the girls might whisper but who cares? they're just not confident enough to wear heels to school themselves. 

Mar 06, 2012

Shelley W.

If they make you happy screw what other people think. Rock 'em girl. 

Mar 07, 2012

Alicia L.

i think that if you are confident with the way you feel in heels, you should wear them often, including going to HS. i dont see very many girls wearing heels in HS though, but i think thats just becuase theyre afraid to take the risk!

Mar 07, 2012

Corinne T.

not many girls at my school wear heels, but i feel like if you can be confident while wearing them, there's no reason not to. you may stand out, but you'll stand out because you look and feel amazing :)

Mar 07, 2012

keri k.

i think its awesome that you can wear heels to school! Schools in australia all have uniform so we never got a chance to even wear casual dress!

I dont think its a problem, when I was in high school ALOT of girls wore high heels, lol. you may start wearing them and then other girls who want to wear them may start wearing them as well. never be scared.

I say go for it. Start out with a lower heel if you don't feel confident to wear tall ones around school. I would say to start out with lower ones anyway until you get use to the height because there can be a lot of "trip hazards" in the halls of a high school.

Mar 08, 2012

Cassidy G.

Go for it! I love wearing heels and wish i could have worn them to school but my school wasnt like just one building it was broken up mainly by department so sometimes you had to walk to the other end of campus! it was kinda horrible so heels didnt fare to well at my school, if you have the opportunity then take it  

May 11, 2014

Heather O.

All I can say is you ultimately have to make a decision but if you constantly base it on what others think you will wind up not making any decision on anything at all, you will allow others to make it for you. Inasmuch as High Heels are about beauty they are about power, and women should never give up or compromise on power.

I wore them to school and practically everywhere else LOL I loved them and being tall, I am 6'0'' I stand out, all my High Heels are at least six inches. I will trod through hail sleet and snow in them and have done so

I get a kick when men say how can you walk in those shoes, I smile and say dear its all part of the Feminine Mystique you will never understand Suffice to say its part of the divine nature of woman so just look and enjoy the view dear, pay your due reverence to them and be on your way LOL :P

Jul 25, 2014

Kiley B.

The 7th graders in my school wear heels so you definetly can wear heels.

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