40 Days and Nights without Makeup Obstacle 1: The Date

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Feb 25, 2012

Stephanie P.

So it's never really a challenge until there's a situation that makes it one; and in this case, it's a date.

Just in case you missed the last post, I decided that for 40 days and 40 nights I'd give up makeup: no makeup, no nail polish, no accessories. The only time I'm allowed to wear any kind of enhancement is if it's clear nail polish or lip gloss...so far so good until a guy asked me to meet him for drinks (i.e. a date) tonight.

...Wait aren't I still on this no makeup challenge?

So an hour before the 6:30 bus I took a shower, put my hair in a top knot and washed my face and moisturized. At that moment it dawned on me that I'd have an encounter with a very good looking (ambitious, educated, tall...) member of the opposite sex and I wouldn't have a stitch of makeup on my face. No volumizing mascara to help out my skinny lashes; no Bare Minerals Foundation to give my face that perfect canvas; no MAC Sunburst blush for added rosiness; just my Chap Stick.

So would he notice? What would he say? Of course I can go on a date and still be equally fabulous without my Maybeline 5th Avenue Fuscia right?


Eventually the date ensues and in between the time he spent checking, texting or talking on his phone, watching the big screen television and asking me the odd question, he didn't seem at all phased by my sans makeup face. In fact he looked me up and down and with a smirk quipped: "I can tell by your outfit, you look on point."

Which comes to my conclusion

While this (or ANY more for that matter) date was certainly not the most ideal experiment it did shed light on how little guys notice the makeup you are wearing. In fact the last two occasions I've left my house there's been nothing roaring support for venturing into the wide world wearing what I've got. While this may be a general step in the right direction I'm sure they'll be more challenges to come. A situation where my appearance could make or break me. Maybe, this is just the beginning.

Until then, the challenge continues! 

Feb 25, 2012

Stephanie P.

By the way, I'd also love to try out new skin care products thanks to my challenge, every little bit helps! :D

Feb 25, 2012

Anjum C.

That's so great! You're good at writing too. So, did you give up makeup for lent or something?

Mar 03, 2012

Stephanie P.

Hey Anjum! Yes I did :) Still more than 30 days to go though ahaha... :\

That's so awesome :) I love being without makeup (just a moisturized face) but I also love getting dolled up :) I can go a week or 2 without makeup but like putting it on when I go out out. My husband prefers me without so he encourages my natural beauty :)

Apr 02, 2012

Sarah F.

What I can tell you is that, when I have under-eye circles and didn't put concealer on the morning, guys realize sth is wrong and say "you look tired!". But no mention of makeup! NOTHING. Only that I look tired, which is not THAT bad, I really was, so... Girls, let your makeup in your closet and let your skin feel free!

Apr 05, 2012

Anita S.

I think what matters most is how clean you look lol. : ) Clean hair. Clean face. Clean clothes. Don't stink xD maybe style your hair a bit ~ guys don't even notice when I put in circle lenses (the make ur eyes bigger and colorful contacts ;)) ! 

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