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Beauty lovers..

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Hey everyone my name is Emma Rose Smith, I stumbled across this website all thanks to beloved Sugarpill, soo let me tell you a little about myself that I haven't already included on my updated profile..

I am obsessed with make up, I have a forever growing collection of products that I love to share my thoughts with to all my friends. I am constantly uploading pictures of experiments I have done to my own face so if you are fond of make up I am some one you may enjoy following. I am not going too ask, beg or plea that you should do so, I want people who enjoy what I post to follow me. I also have a new found love for wearing pretty wigs, this gives me optimal advantages on changing my appearance to suit my moods. (which are forever changing)

I am hoping from this conversation I may find some people to follow for inspiration and that maybe I can be inspiration to others. I am super excited to join this site!!

many thanks <3

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