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Elf Brushes! Need Advice

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Jul 27, 2012

Christy D.

Honestly with the prices you cannot go wrong with an elf brush. It's always cool to have extra if need be!

Jul 28, 2012

Fancie B.

I really like the studio line. The flat top brush is very nice for foundation. I like to use the blush brush and stipple brush for foundation. I also love the concealer brush, angled eyeliner and small angled brush

Jul 29, 2012

Lauren S.

The Studio Powder Brush is AMAZING for liquid foundation!

Jul 30, 2012

Jessica T.

the flat top powder brush, stuido blush brush, mineral powder brush from stuido line, eyeshadow brush from $1 line, crease brush, almost any brushes from the stuido line are great and most of the eye brushes from the $1 line

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