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Any advice on how to put streaks of crazy colors through hair?

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May 11, 2012

Elizabeth G.

I have long, dark brown single layer hair.
I have bleach, and different colored hair dye,
but I just need advice on wear to place the streaks. I have no idea what would look good.
I'll attach a piccy of my hair (for the most part) and maybe you guys can help me!

May 11, 2012

Elizabeth G.

Oh, and i usually wear my bangs clipped up! or in a headband ;)

May 22, 2012

Mandy M.

I had been wanting to add purple strips to my hair and was wondering the same thing! :) 

well if your set on bleaching out your hair and putting crazy colors in ...section your hair at ear level...if you take a zig zag parting..then place your foil highlights or chunk highlights in you will be left with a cool peek a boo effect...your hair is so pretty, so maybe consider buying some clip in extension and bleaching/coloring them...hope it turns out great...xo sarahann

May 23, 2012

Holly I.

IF you're not sure where to put the colors, I'd suggest chalking your hair first. You can pick up the pastels on the cheap, and then you can try out the colors/placements for a few days before damaging your hair and possibly not liking it.

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