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Gel Nails Vs Acrylic Nails

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on a macular level they're brother & sister.

Keep this in mind...
"It's not the tools that do the damage it's the fools that do the damage"

Jun 17, 2012

Aleksandra Z.

I just want to correct Ariel on one thing. There is a hard gel and soak off gel. Hard jgel does not soak off with aceton, it files off with if done wrong can damage nail, soak off gels and acrylics can be soaked off,
Byt there is something called gel polish and its a saver for nails, 3 weeks of lasting coloyre, no damage to nails is you not gonna peel them off yourself

Thank you so much for that Ariel... that really helped a lot....xx

Jun 05, 2012

Ariel H.

Ok as a cosmetologist by profession, there is good and bad to both. If nail bitter acrylic not gel, want natural gel not acrylic. BUT ACRYLICS ARE LESS DAMAGING THAN GELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do "back-scratchers" instead of those for natural, long-lasting, and less damaging effects. (<-fiber glass) (mental note* gels have to be soaked off with acetone to keep your actual nail attached to the nail bed) Just saying.............

Such a mixed response..... I currently have no nails due to me deciding to bite them without knowing =/...

Hummm...Now lets decide which ones to go with haha =D Thanks girls

Jun 05, 2012

Ariyana P.

Acrylic because gel isnt good for your nails

I haven't done gel, but I'd definitely go with them. Acrylic chews up your natural nails, digests them, and then throws them up.

Why am I being so graphic lately?!

Seriously. Gel.

Jun 05, 2012

Nichole W.

i did the acrylic ones, for the first time, and they turned out pretty nice. so i almost think trying both and finding what you like. 

Jun 05, 2012

Christina L.

From what I have seen, gel nails look a little more natural and are not as harsh on your natural nails
And personally, i think gel is easier to do :)

I want to get either an Acrylic or Gel nail kit but i need to know which is better. Im new to the whole experience but im pretty good at picking stuff up and normally get things right first time.

I was wondering which one would be the easiest to do and also which ones would stay for longer and look more natural. I want to do the french tip ones.

Thank you =D

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