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Perfect Nails...On Both Hands..?

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Jun 02, 2012

Lauren E.

Hey guys, I love nails and bright colors! Ever since I've been on this website I've been inspired to try nail art. Now, I've been doing my nails for quite some time now so even though I'm right handed I dont have a problem painting my right hand with my left.

Here's the problem, when it comes to nail art it's a different story! I can do nail art on my left hand, but on my right....struggles. How do you guys get both hands so perfect when you do it yourself????????

I'd love to hear your tactics. Thanks beauties :)

Jun 02, 2012

Vickie X.

I feel the same pain you have but when it comes to doing nail art, i try to practice on a sheet of paper or a fake nail with my non-dominant hand. 

Jun 03, 2012

Lauren E.

oh okay I'll try that. thanks!

Jun 03, 2012

Nichole W.

if i decide to do fake nails, i will put a piece of clay on the back of the nail and stick it to a pencil and then paint them that way. wait for them to dry and stick them on my nails. i usually do them first so that way i dont have to worry about my other nails that get in the way.

Practice makes perfect! Also, if you have to make a line or anything like that, try rotating your finger and keeping the striper still instead of the opposite. 

Jun 03, 2012

Kulsum K.

That is exactly what i do Lacey A.! :)
Keep the nail polish applicator still and move my finger!

Jun 04, 2012

Jackie V.

I agree with Lacey A, practice makes perfect! 

I still suck at doing my right hand though, let's be real. =P

Jun 04, 2012

Lauren E.

Haha thanks guys I'm gonna try to do basic designs that way it will be easier to do with my left hand. I don't usually do fake nails cuz my real ones are a decent length....i'll give it a whirl lol

If you're doing objects, like say for instance a rose, in your nail art design, you can actually paint it on a piece of soft slippery plastic (like a plastic folder for papers, standard office thing...), and then once it has dried you can carefully bend the plastic to peel the art piece off and then stick it on to your wet nail, and seal with top coat. It works better with some brands of polish and worse with others, so I suggest you try it out with the polishes you wanna go with before you do it.

As for lines and stuff like that, I agree with the girls in this thread - keep the brush still and move your finger until you feel comfortable enough to move the brush instead.

Jun 04, 2012

Jackie S.

Omg Emelie J. what a great idea! I am going to try that!!!

Glad I could help :) Let me know if it works for you, and post a photo of the result!

Jun 06, 2012

Lauren E.

Thanks Emelie! That sounds like a good idea, I'm gonna try that too! 

Awesome! :) let me know!

Jun 08, 2012

Celeste V.

for me, I sometimes put my middle finger of the hand I'm painting with under the top of the finger of the nail I'm painting, and hold the brush/tool as close to the bottom as possible, and I have so much more control, and its more steady too.
but even so, my right hand is still always slightly worse than my left ;D

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