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Wavy hair for medium length/shoulder length

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May 26, 2012

Grace C.

I have shoulder length hair and it is poker straight. I was wondering if any of you guys know an easy and fast way to get your hair wavy. I have done braids but those aren't my favorite. So if you know any special gel or product that works well or just a simple hairstyle please comment. :) Thanks!

I ue my ghds to create a aoft wave! Its really quick and easy once u fet the hang of it! I dont really curl, I bend the ghds back and foeth in a zig zag all the way down for a loose wave, hope that makes sense lol

Sorry for the random spelling the auto correct on my fone is the most annoying thing!

Jun 02, 2012

Haily J.

YES! BaByliss has a crimper called "wave envy" that works beautifully. Go to your nearest Ulta and check it out!

Jun 04, 2012

Grace C.

ok thanks and its ok about the spelling haha! :)

Jun 05, 2012

Kendra F.

The best way to do it with straight hair is to spray your hair when dry with water (or leave-in conditioner), then use a soft hold gel when you braid your hair. Leave it like that for a few hours, but the best results happen when you do it right before you go to sleep. Take it out in the morning, and there you go (:

Apply a golf ball sized amount of styling mousse to dry hair. Just massage it in and make sure it's evenly distributed. DON'T USE TOO MUCH or your hair will be crinkly!!! Then, use a straightening iron to create loose waves. There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube for this, and it's one of my favorite methods for curling hair. I do it all the time! So quick and easy! =]

Jun 07, 2012

Grace C.

Thanks gurls! I will try these! :)

Jun 07, 2012

Crystal C.

or if you really want it a diffuser will make your hair wavy too i love what it does to my hair really enhances my waves i also heard bumble and bumble surf spray is suppose to be really good also..doing the braid thing works tooo especially when its wet and you put mouse in it like garniers wave stuff and let it dry it will give you some waves ; )

Jun 07, 2012

Grace C.

ok thanks Crystal.!!!! :)

Bumble and bumble surf spray is amazing and ni heat needed instantly gives u beachy waves

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