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Makeup Artist Tear Sheet

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Jan 06, 2013

Hannah A.

I have tried Googling a tear sheet for makeup artists and I am still kinda confused. What and how do you get one? Any information helps! Thank you :)

Jan 06, 2013

Sara J.

Tear sheets are from magazines when you have your work as a MUA published as in a campaign or editorial etc

Jan 06, 2013

Caitlin M.

A tip: when you get some of your work published buy as many copies of that magazine as you can. Most places/people who hire you again are going to want original tear sheets, not one that's photocopied or printed from your computer. So get a few copies just so you have them on hand if you'd be asked for one. I would imagine they would give it back but its good to have a few copies just in case. And definitely put one in your portfolio. 

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