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Do you have a favorite makeup remover?

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Jan 11, 2013

Jess R.

i love the Simple wipes too. i tried a lot, but these are the first ones who don't burn my eyes or skine around my eyes. and they still remove everything

I use baby-wipes...from Pampers...

Jan 11, 2013

Angelica B.

I use neutragena (sp?) make up wipes and I love them ! It always gets all my make up off and even my waterproof mascara. 

Jan 11, 2013

Michelle P.

Avon cream eye makeup remover… love it!

Jan 11, 2013

Ally V.

Yay to all the baby wipes users! lol!

Jan 11, 2013

Danielle H.

Rimmel London Eye Makeup Remover for removing lips and eyes. CVS brand cleansing wipes for face except lips.

Jan 11, 2013

Erika S.

Neutrogena wipes are the best 

Jan 11, 2013

Cameron R.

I used Klorane's Soothing Makeup Removing wipes for the longest time, then swtiched to their liquid soothing makeup remover for awhile until I learned how to make my own with coconut oil and castile soap. I prefer the ease and cost effectiveness of making my own at home, but if I had to recommend a brand I would choose Klorane's, because it's really gentle and takes all the makeup off without wasting a ton of product ( Boscia Makeup Breakup Oil).

Jan 11, 2013

Lex M.

I use equates make up remover, it's very cheap, and there isn't any oily products left on your skin, I tend to use cheap removers because they get the job done without putting a dent in my budget , you can find them at Wal-Mart so they should be fairly easy to find :)

Jan 11, 2013

Patricia B.

clinque make up remover. its wonderful. 

Jan 11, 2013

Caitlin M.

Purity Made Simple one-step cleanser. Takes everything off at the same time, I love it. I hardly ever use makeup wipes. I feel like they never take anything off and even if they say "gentle" or "soothing" they irritate my eyes and skin. My face only feels clean when I use a cleanser and water. 

Jan 11, 2013

Jasmyn H.

Maybelines new clean fresh wipes there pink and there about 5 bucks there amazing and leave your skin feeling fresh 

Jan 11, 2013

Jocelyn C.

Elf studio makeup remover wipes!!! 

Jan 11, 2013

Maggie M.

These are my fav! Pick some up next time you're at target :) I also use coconut oil for SO many things. But as far as what I'd throw in my bag..these little guys are magic. 

Jan 11, 2013

Sophia L.

I use Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm! It deep cleans, removes all makeup and leaves skin super soft. :) if I'm wearing a lot of makeup tho I'll use Simple Face Wipes first or the Bioderma Crealine H2O Micelle Solution :) 

Jan 11, 2013

Ceecee C.

ponds makeup wipes are awesome love them :)

Jan 11, 2013

Izzie B.

Liz earl it's so nice and gentle on your face

Jan 12, 2013

Sarah B.

I absolutely LOVE the High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil by Shu Uemura. It's rather expensive, but a little goes a long way and it does wonders for removing makeup without stripping my skin. I prefer cleansing oils to wipes because they're more gentle on sensitive skin, and dissolve makeup easier, so there's no scrubbing. I also use Bioderma Sensibio H20, and it's more inexpensive. 

Jan 12, 2013

Bri F.

Mary Kay.

Jan 12, 2013

Cassandra C.

cosmedicine 2 in 1 cleanser and toner.

Jan 13, 2013

Fatima N.

Coconut oil

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