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Dec 28, 2012

Valerie C.

I have really bad under eye circles, almost look like bruises and I just recently bought Kat Von D's "lock it tattoo concealer" after hearing great reviews but it isn't quite doing the job! Help? Any other suggestions? Thank you :)

Dec 28, 2012

Stephanie K.

You can try searching YouTube videos to see how other girls apply it. I know I've seen videos on it before. Seems people have a real love/hate relationship with that concealer. 

Dec 28, 2012

Chelsey G.

Covering with concealer is all good and fine. But you should try a good eye cream with peptides to actually make the darkness fade and even disappear (for the most part). Vasanti eye wonder is amazing and I swear by it. 

Dec 30, 2012

Salwa C.

You should try a color correcting concealer. One with a pinky-peachy tone to cancel out the purple-blue of your under eye circles. Bobbi Brown has one that seems to be a cult favorite. I use MAC prolongwear in a warm tone is a shade lighter than my own. I have tried and loved erase paste by benefit as well:) Agreeing with Chelsey G though, eye creams are a must! I use vitamin e serum to help my dark circles fade.

Dec 30, 2012

Shelley W.

I agree with Chelsey G and Jocelyn must have a great base for any corrector or concealer to work its magic. View eye cream as a multi-use product..
helps lighten up the darkness and works as a primer for the concealer. ;)

Dec 30, 2012

Meaghan S.

try use a under eye brightening cream after your moiturize too, and then do foundation, then concealer, and or use a eye gel, such as clarins, origins has a nice brightening refreshing eye cream, it works for me! 

Dec 31, 2012

Stacey L.

First treat the under eye circles. Dont just hide them. Buy one of the ye gel masks and pop them in the fridge then place on your eyes for 30 mins. Also you can use cumber. Try buying a moisturizer for the under eyes that also has vitamins in it. While doing this daily cover up with concealer after. Mac has really good concealer 

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