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What Protects Hair The Best From Hot Tools?

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Dec 30, 2012

Elia R.

What best protects the hair from hot tools?

Dec 30, 2012

Payton K.

A heat protectant spray(: They have good options at your local drugstore, most likely(:

Dec 30, 2012

Abba L.

Got 2 b - heat protectant. 

Dec 30, 2012

Sam L.

It's a 10 miracle leave in product and Kenra makes a heat protectant spray for blow drying that's amazing! 

Dec 30, 2012

Allessandra R.

Not the Got 2 B one it leaves your hair sticky, stiff, and disgusting 

Dec 30, 2012

Safi A.

Heat protectant 

Dec 30, 2012

Caitlin G.

I use treseme heat protectant spray and it really works, also it'll make your hair really soft :)

Dec 30, 2012

Elia R.


Dec 30, 2012

Melissa M.

Heat tresemmes as well

Jan 01, 2013

Becca G.

Garner fructis makes a great one! I have a kenra, and chi heat protectant that are "high end" and the garnier always leaves me hair feeling alot smoother than the more exspensive ones!

Jan 02, 2013

Evelyn W.

I use the whole tresemme heat line( shampoo conditioner the spray mouse and curl spray) and all of it works really well

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