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How To Get Longer Hair♥

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Dec 30, 2012

Lauren B.

how what can I do for longer hair ? my hair is kinda short/long . but how to grow it faster ?

Dec 31, 2012

Stephanie D.

Assuming you're leading a fairly healthy lifestyle, there is not really a way to make your hair grow faster. It's pretty much genetically determined. That being said, it may help to add a biotin and/or folic acid vitamin supplement to your diet.

What you CAN do is try to prevent your hair from breaking off and falling out. How?

1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Dry hair is fragile hair. Aussie's 3 minute miracle is awesome, but some people do really well with Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition treatment. Personally, my hair doesn't like paraffin, so the Aussie works better for me. Don't be afraid to use straight olive oil or coconut oil every now and then. Don't dry out your hair by shampooing it every day. In fact, some people don't shampoo at CO washing if you're not sure what I'm talking about.

2. Use heat protectant. Always. Try not to use heat every day.

3. Do not brush or comb wet hair. Do not force your comb/brush through the hair - always tease out knots instead of trying to push through them.

4. I know it gets a lot of terrible reviews, but the Fructis Fall Fight actually did reduce my shedding - by a lot. The downside is that the conditioner isn't very moisturizing, so I'm about to mix it with some more potent stuff for the ends. I mainly focus on massaging my scalp with it really well.

5. Don't buy into the "getting it cut every 6 to 8 weeks." That's BS. It will NOT make your hair grow faster. It will keep your ends healthy which will help reduce breakage, but if you're cutting off as much as you grow, well...that's counter productive. Your hair is dead. It is nothing but a protein that is slowly degrading in structural integrity the longer it's on your head (as it's being exposed to heat, weather, mechanical damage and product accumulation). What's alive is your scalp where the fresh keratin is actually produced. Cutting your ends is not going to encourage your scalp to produce more hair. I don't know who came up with that, but they don't know f*ckall about biology. Just sayin'.

Anyway, that's my advice. FYI, my hair is between my waist and my hips and has been in that range for the last 5+ years. 

Jan 01, 2013

Bailey M.

Does it really make your hair smell like whatever flavour kool-aid it is?

Jan 01, 2013

Bailey M.

Oops, wrong post.. My bad!!

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