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Best face wash for dry skin?

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Dec 29, 2012

Emily G.


Dec 29, 2012

Kendall N.

Proactive, at first... Or if you use it twice a day in the beginning, don't stop put the green tea moisturizer on. This helps A LOT and if you do have dry skin right now, don't use the step 3 or use it only at Night

Dec 29, 2012

Julianne J.

For moisture (not acne) Garnier Frustis has a line called Moisture Rescue that is very refreshing. There's a cream cleanser, spf face lotion and a gel creme moisturizer- all of which I reccommend. I just got their 3-way cleanser and have yet to use it, but its a mask, scrub and cleanser which might help clean out pores, etc.

Dec 29, 2012

Alexa B.

I tried proactive and I have such sensitive skin and it literally dries out so easily and the neutrogena face washes and treatments and makeup have worked perfect for me. like it's all so gentle and SO effective
I've used it for years now. after a phase of trying everything else 

Dec 29, 2012

Barbara C.

aveeno clear complexion face wash

Dec 29, 2012

Rachel A.

Alpha h balancing cleanser or triple action cleanser. 

Dec 29, 2012

Karen C.

Aveeno has a really nice foaming cleanser with feverfew...when my skin is super dry, I use Albolene (most pharmacies carry it, not expensive). It is a combo if petroleum and mineral oil...Burt's Bees has an orange essence cleanser that's pretty great too. I don't have any acne problems, my skin is dry and I have eczema. Not sure how these cleaners would work for people prone to breakouts.

Dec 29, 2012

Caitlin M.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple is great. It's gentle but really cleans deep. I'm switching back to it from their acne line actually.Cetaphil is a drugstore version that's comparable. It helps remove excess oil but doesn't totally strip the skin. I alternate with that on my drier days because I know it will keep me from getting too oily but won't dry my skin out. But I really love Purity so I'm picking some up. They have small bottles for $10 if you want to try it before buying a big bottle. Its not super cheap but they do offer smaller sizes for less money. I usually just get the $30 one and am good for a while. 

Dec 30, 2012

Kelly G.

Bliss clog dissolving cleansing milk. It also doubles as a five minute mask. It's a cream cleanser, so it won't dry your skin out. Also, it doesn't have traditional acne fighting ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, which if you've tried those with no luck, you may be sensitive to like I am. Both those make my acne worse. The Bliss wash is the only thing that has ever helped me. 

Dec 31, 2012

Meaghan S.

Clinique mild facial cleanser or clean and clear products 

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