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The scent is amazing! I bought this for the scent alone while I was in the Lush shop the other night. I used it that night and I absolutely love it. It lathers well, does an efficient job of getting your hair clean, and leaves that heavenly scent in your hair. I wouldn't recommend using the shampoo bars often if you have semi-permanent hair color though, they tend to strip the color a bit.

I have color treated hair and in order to keep my color vibrant I try to wash my hair only 2 or 3 times a week, so I wanted to invest in a dry shampoo. I love Lush products so I decided to give this a go and it didn't really make too much of a difference. It definitely helped a bit but not what I was expecting and not worth the price in my opinion. I don't know if maybe I didn't use enough, but I'm not really sure. This product just didn't wow me.

This blush is so pretty! It's subtle enough to wear any time or place but still really makes your look pop and stand out. The shade is really nice because not only does it make a huge difference but it still looks very natural. I use it along with a bronzer and highlight for contouring and it really helps pull the whole thing together.

I was looking for something effective to use as a highlight for contouring my face and the woman at the MAC counter suggested this. I tried the sample and decided I definitely wanted to add this product as part of my daily makeup routine. It's definitely a great highlighter and worked really well with my fair skin tone. It blends so well with other products and lasts all day. Also, you get so much product for the price!

This shampoo bar smells amazing! It's easy to use, easy to store, lathers & cleans well, and leaves your hair smelling glorious! However, I'm not a fan of the conditioner bits inside, and it also left my hair feeling less nourished than usual. It also strips color a bit.

This conditioner smells AMAZING! I find that it works best if you cut a piece off and mix it with some hot water to turn it into a pasty kind of texture. My hair is a bit too damaged to use this as my regular conditioner, as I don't find it effective enough...but it just smells so good that I put it in after using a deeper conditioner just to keep the scent in my hair all day. :)

When I first tried this shampoo I didn't like it much. It left my hair squeaky clean, but it felt like it had also left my hair extremely dry and porous, I couldn't even brush it. My hair is pretty damaged to begin with due to bleaching, dying, & heat styling, but this shampoo is designed for over-processed, color treated, and therefore, damaged hair. I was really disappointed after dropping $25 on it, so I decided to give it another try but this time I used a deeper conditioner with it. and I loved it! Once again it got the job done of leaving my hair super clean, didn't strip color, and left my hair smelling like bananas! I will definitely be using this shampoo much more often...I just had to find the right conditioner to pair with it. :)

Love it! This color lasted a long time on me to the point where it needed to be bleached out. I barely had to touch up with it. It's also really easy to apply and feels like it's actually conditioning my hair when I apply it!

I really love this foundation and have been using it for years! It definitely does help acne a bit if you keep using it, the coverage is good, and it lasts a while. The only issue I have is that after wearing it for a while, my skin starts to feel greasy and it gets shiny.

I used to use this daily and it worked really well for a while. It's really exfoliating and does its job, but then it started really drying out and irritating my skin causing it to constantly be red and flaky. I find that it works best if used every few days and alternated with another gentler product.

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