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This stuff is great! I have dyed semi-permanent neon orange hair, and every time I wash my hair, even with color shampoos, I always see a stream of brightly colored water and neon suds all over my bathtub. But using this shampoo, the water is clear! And I haven't noticed any fade in color even after washing my hair twice with this. Usually, there's a significant difference in color after one wash with other shampoos. This shampoo is a life saver, and it doesn't hurt that it smells lovely as well. :)

I really like this BB Cream I use it on days when I don't want to feel the heaviness of full coverage foundation. It lives up to all it says it does, feels very light, and leaves my skin with a very pretty glow to it.

This brush is great! I got it at Target for $3 and it really is wonderful, especially for the price. It works really well for packing on eyeshadow and blends nicely. It's become part of my daily makeup routine. :)

I love this brush! I always used a MAC angle brush and after a couple of years, it was time for a new one. I saw this brush in Target for $3 and decided to give it a shot since I was pretty strapped on cash and didn't want to spend the money for a MAC brush. I actually much prefer the Elf brush, it's so much better! And you can't beat that price! I'm so glad I picked this up.

This product really gets the job done! I just used it to clean all of my brushes, which were in desperate need of it and it really got out all of that eyeshadow, foundation, etc. This product is extremely affordable and effective!

I love the way this moisturizer smells is amazing and it really leaves your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. I have very dry skin and this product really helped a lot. It lasts a while too!

Not only do these lip balms look super cute in the tube, but they are incredibly effective! They keep your lips soft and moisturized, and the colored ones are really pigmented.

This is by far one of the best lip balms I've ever owned. I've been using this stuff for years and nothing else compares, it's just too good! I have so many tubes of it that I keep in my purse, jackets, my car, everywhere! Haha. It's definitely a must have!

This is my absolute favorite cosmetics product of all time. It's so easy to apply, lasts all day, and never smudges! I've been using this product for years and use it nearly every day, I can't tell you how many pots of this I've gone through over the years. I can't live without it!

I really love this! My hair is so damaged so I've been looking for some sort of miracle hair treatment. After reading a lot of reviews, I decided to give this a try. I really like the scent, texture, wonderful ingredients, and the fact that it kind of doubles as a styling product! I'm definitely really happy with this purchase. The only issue I have is the high price.

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