Yaby Cosmetics

Eyeshadow Pre-Set Palette


Sidory D.
Set For Life!

I got this palette awhile back when I saw it in every working make-up artists kit. I decided I too should find out why everyone loves it so much. Starting with things that are basic when exploring a new line, the neutral palette seemed like a great start. Every eyeshadow in this palette is heavily pigmented, but not only do they blend beautifully together, they work well with other shadows. The palette came in a wide variety of textures, frost, matte etc. The pre-selected shades are variety of gold, cool browns, warm browns, rust, frosted beiges, cool blues and warm blues. They also worked well wet or dry which is a plus for me. The other amazing thing is the eyeshadows do pop out of the case and can be re-organized with other palettes that have a magnetic base. It takes some careful pulling and tugging, but does come out. I love it so much, I think you will too!