Wet N Wild

Wild Shine Nail Color


Abby S.

the whites the only one that I have to complain about. it takes forever to dry and when it does dry it starts chipping immediately. the clear is amazing and holds everything where it should be. For 99 cents, I can't complain. The colors are vibrant, last a very long time, and I can layer them easily with other colors. I don't have to put a clear coat on if I don't want to because they are already shiny :)

Isabelina B.
WHITE is perfect for french tips!

I have the white and it's the most opaque one I have - great for french tips and if you want to paint it on your entire nail, it's streaky the firt coat but looks good on the second one. :)

Gwendolyn H.
it was okkk...

I bought these at a store for $2.00 and they work ok not the best consistency but they are ok I got the carribean frost and the French white crème....

Michelle X.
not the best.

This product was a waste. It was one of the first nail polish i ever bought and it IS the worst I ever had. It is so runny, cracks, looks so cheap, and honestly you are better off painting your nails with white-out instead of this polish!